Thursday, June 19, 2008

Best of QP: Shift Happens To Liberals

How many Liberal MP's are now scared for their jobs? How can they sell this carbon tax to their supporters, much less none supporters? How many marginal Liberal ridings are there that will now go to the Consertatives? A tax is a tax no matter how you dress it up, and with Garth as their spokesperson, the Liberals are in big trouble. Watch and see if you agree.

The whole thrust of QP today was Liberals bringing up their phoney "scandals" and the Conservatives attacking the carbon tax.

Note to Liberals, you have cried wolf too often, and now Canadians have tuned out.


Anonymous said...

I will be listening to Dave Rutherford this morning that's for sure-to hear him dissect liberals' plan and the effect it will have on albertans.
I noticed that Danny Williams has not said a word lately about Dion's Carbon tax plan!

Will he change his rantings from "don't vote conservative to don't vote liberal

Anonymous said...

It takes courage to put a plan out for public debate knowing the attack dogs of the Conservative party will engage in ad hominem attacks. What has Harper ever done except run negative ads about his opposnent.

Stephen Harper is no leader. He has no plan. All he has is character assasin John Baird.

Anonymous said...

No, anonymous 6:47 am, the high watermark of intelligent and thoughtful debate on important issues of the day is who can think up the best schoolyard taunt and hurl it at opponents frequently.

This also, of course, is sign that those same practitioners believe the electorate is similarly intelligent and high-minded.

Aren't these little kids supposed to be the government and not the opposition?

I can't remember the last time they brought forward anything resembling a policy initiative. I know... "doin' stuff is hard", and it's far easier to bellow and draw shrieking greasespots...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dion's trolls are out in full swing this AM. 1/2 hre before the little effeminate dweeb releases is mind fart. Good luck with that suckers. I hope Dion is paying you well for your self humiliation.

Poor Stephanie:
-With soaring energy prices,
-A shift in mother nature's cycles now going into a natural colder period where the UN's IPCC arrogantly put GW on hold for the next 15 years instead of simply stating they made a mistake,
-European results showing that the Kyoto and other green plans resulted in mostly sham and extortion with higher taxes and economic hardship and NO BENEFICIAL RESULT AS CO2 still rises, it's people on the verge of a revolt,
-A poll showing that 59% of residents are FIRMLY again'st Campbell's gas tax in B.C.,
-The Americans on the verge of telling the powerful environut lobby to take a hike as they are finally contemplating tapping oil in their ocean coasts and maybe Alaska.

The GW fad is pretty much over, your idea comes at least a year too late...THANK GOD!!!

Posted by Grind a Grit

Anonymous said...

Hey little "grind a grit" dude:

Maybe one day you can grow up and be an unemployed dropout...err... Member of Parlieament like little Petey Poilivre!

How do you reconcile your luddite "Global Warming is a fraud" with your very own extra special government's stance that global warming is a real and one of the most serious problems we face today? It is repeated often, particularly by the likes of Baird, when he is not foaming at the mouth.

Is that their real position, which would place you completely at odds with your very own little government on this major issue, or do you just assume that they are lying through their teeth on it?

And for the record, not much of a fan of Dion - he just looks good next to this group of hacks.

maryT said...

Listened to the green shift plan and one thing is very clear, neither dion or any of his caucus have ever looked at a tax return, the forms, the schedules and the various deductions that are there.
Working income tax benefit, is already in place. employment credit is 1000.00 and already there. 2000. deductions/child to age 18, already there, and dion is out there trying to sell lowering all these rates. 350/yr for child tax credit, against the 100.00/mo families get now. Is he talking about eliminating the Child tax credit that we knew as family allowance and replacing it with 350
per year. How about the refund of the disability tax credit, which is 6800.00/yr. My g/son could use that, but he pays no income tax on his AISH. Losts of refunds turn out to be taxable the next year, will all his refunds.
A lot of people will be bamboozeled by all talk of refunds, reduced rates etc.
They are in for a huge shock at tax time if libs ever get back into power.

Reid said...

Jason Kenny is going to be on Rutherford today at 11:30.

Go to the website and click the "listen live" button.

Reid said...

Sorry for the bad intel. It seems there's no Jason Kenny on Rutherford.

Reid said...

Ok. He's going to be on right now. Not for long though... about a 5 min segment.

Anonymous said...

Is that all you've got annon at 7:47? The fact that Beard and co have to provide some lip service to deflect a deshonest media who never show the other side of the GW debate using the Al Gore/Suzuki line: "The debate is over". So far, I would rather have the Conservatives twist the truth a bit and leave my livelyhood alone than being a slave to a left wing social engineer fascist.

The Harper government will mostly let free entreprise and INTELLIGENT Canucks judge how serious this whole climate change thingy is. In the meantime, they will not take us to the poor house to fill their friends pockets.

Climate. Change.: I will rely on hard data from the past collected by experts before I rely on some flunk computer model predicting the future to tell me that yes Climate Changes, it always has and will always do. NATURALLY.

BTW how warm is it in your neck of the woods these days? Here it's been below average for days. Where's your global warming? How come if hot air is trapped in our atmosphere is it not constant and getting hotter?
Youre belief simply does not make any sense.
But what I'm I talking about using "global warming" you cowards have changed it to climate change because the other slogan is now quite simply, embarassing.

Grind a Grit.

Anonymous said...

Steve? Um, Steve?
Paging Stephen Harper!

Sandra: I'm sorry. Mr. Harper had to run out for a moment. He's chasing his King. He just threw it across the room after getting checkmated.

Anonymous said...

How come if hot air is trapped in our atmosphere is it not constant and getting hotter?
I guess you have never had to heat a house or pay a heating bill. Ever notice how it is not the same temperature everywhere in the house? Did you notice that we have an Artic and an Antarctic where there is at least some ice and snow year round? Meanwhile on the equator, it has NEVER snowed?

If it was all the same it would be, well, homogeneous. You're not a homo are you?


Anonymous said...

So far, I would rather have the Conservatives twist the truth a bit

We always knew that. That is why you continue to fail.

The Criminal Conservatives. Liars, cheats and crooks.

Anonymous said...

Jason Kenny is going to be on Rutherford today at 11:30.

OMAR AGRABRA WAS ON DAVE Rutherford and he basically told David that he has no credibility. WELL, YOU SHOULD HAVE HEARD DAVID. HE REELED ON OMAR.
Jason was on for a few minutes but what impressed me the most are the comments made by albertans. They don't trust Dion since his plans are to attack western canada to satisfy voters in eastern canada