Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lefty Media In Full Cry!

The Globe and Mail is leading the way, with the CBC close behind. Day after day, the Globe prints an anti-Conservative article to get their comment section going. Witness this article from yesterday, comments are still not closed even though more than 800 commenter's responded. Who reads 800 comments? If you care to read those comments, most are by lefties slanting the story as fast as they can type, it shows their desperation. I bet the Globe comments section is one of the most popular, problem is that does not necessarily translate into increased sales. Watch for comment sections to get random advertising pop-ups!

Here's another anti-Conservative article. And another. Go read them if you want, but why bother? Same stuff day after day gets boring. Pay for that if you want, but you can read it online, and comment too, it's two hits for free!

Now, the taxpayer funded CBC should also get some light shed on it, thanks to Reid! This is a must read post! It shows the bias of CBC's Don Newman, proof positive that Canada's non-profit plastic surgeons should not be used for face lifts.

Is all this blustering by the opposition and media reaching the average Canadian? NOPE! How do I know? By the conversations at work, nobody is scandalized by Bernier, they have no clue who he is, and they don't care. The media is shrilling for the Liberals, with no effect. Why? No one is listening to them anymore.

You can only cry wolf so often.

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Anonymous said...

Yes -- the Globe not closing comments on this after 800+ is really bizarre. In general I think the Globe comments give blogging a bad rep. More than most other blogs, I find the comments section at the Globe is simply a platform for partisan rants -- very seldom is there anything informative posted. It is just a bunch of ignoramoses yelling at each other. Not worth anyone's time.