Saturday, June 07, 2008

Best Of QP: Free Our Farmers!

PEI, what were you thinking electing this guy. Wayne Easter appears to be a nice guy, but nice guys finish last! He's in way over his head.

Lot's of good Friday funny stuff! What is not funny is the Canadian Wheat Board. It is a ball and chain around the necks of our farmers, holding them down, jailing them for simply wanting to get the best price for their wheat. The opposition will not vote to allow our western farmers choice. That's disgusting. They rant and rave about equality for women, but for western farmers, nope, they want them chained to the CWB. WHY?

If eastern farmers can sell to the highest bidder, why not western farmers? Are eastern farmers scared that they will lose money if this happens? Is Quebec worried that this might be the end of supply management? Come clean, why can't western farmers have freedom?

I think they should make this bill a confidence vote, that's the only way it will pass, and if it doesn't, to the polls we go!

Free our western farmers!!


Fay said...

I enjoy and appreciate your review of question period. They need to have a confidence vote on the wheat board.

Gary said...

If the opposition will not vote to free western farmers, the the government sho0uld present a bill to place all Canadian Farmers under the Board and expand the range of agricultural products covered from cereal grains to include all grains, beef, dairy, potatoes and all other agricultural products under the mandate of the CWB. The all Canada's farmers could share in the benefits of the monopoly. All could be imprisoned for trying to get the best price for their products/

Reid said...

Wayne Easter is a joke. I'm still waiting for his private member's bill to institute a Canadian Potato Board.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Ritz "mislead" the House on the voting stats...if I can find them I will pull them up for you.

Do the Tories ever come clean about anything?