Friday, June 20, 2008

PM Harper: Frankly Dear Opposition!

PM Harper was his usual honest self yesterday when answering questions. This is his off the top of his head response to what the government has done this session. Sandi over at Cruz of The Matter should like this one, it contains many of her "list of accomplishments.

PM Harper also goes after the bankrupt opposition, and their fake scandals! Blast away!!

I want to thank CTV for putting this video on their website. Dion's carbon tax shaft made all the headlines yesterday, but this video was almost totally buried. In my small way, I hope to bring it into the light! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

this is simply awesome!!!! PMSH rocked the Libs. unscripted is the best !!!

Anonymous said...

Out of the park! Can't wait for the debates!

GrantK1 said...

OMG that was awesome. PMSH will kick dijons a$$ in any debate, even french!

Anonymous said...

That was refreshing.

Honest. Responsible and to the point.

Funny I didn't see Keith Boag or anyy of the other CBC apparatchiks introduce this clip on CBC last night...

Instead, they were too busy 'selling' Dion's tax grab.

That was sad.

wilson said...

And that is why Tory TV is SOOOOO important in this next election campaign.
Interviews like this will get live feed to local tv stations.

hunter said...

Holy! I just saw PM Harper on CTV, he actaully said Dion is screwing the country and his plan is like the NEP excect this time it would screw all Canadians! Please CTV post that video!

Anonymous said...

Wilson, what tory tv are you talking about, so far Msm hate the PMS guts. In fact CBC and CTV would rather RUN a 30 min tape of OSAMA BIN LAdin than the prime minister of canada.

The prime minister is my kind of guy, honest straight forward and no dam ass like Dion.

Anonymous said...

I think when these so-call non entities who claim to be reporters ask the prime minister questions, they never expected to get an intelligent straight forward answer since they are so use to be treated like idiots.
The day the canadians find out that they have been manipulated and made fools by the MSM,G/M, CTV,CBC ETC; I hope that the public will sue them.

Anonymous said...

looks like half the PMO commenting here.
They're so busy trash talking, hoping nobody will notice they are scared shiftless!


Jen said...

anon 3:17pm I have not seen Goodale come out to say that SASK is overjoy; neither I have seen all the liberals are cheering that the cost of living will go up;the poor will not beable to buy food etc. It looks as though only their MSM are doing the liberals' SHIFT job for them.

hunter said...

Anon 3:17, If you had ever lived in Alberta and seen what the NEP did to us, you would understand the level of fear Dion's carbon tax creates here. It is no laughing matter.

Before the last election, my family sat down and seriously talked about what we would do if the Liberals got elected again. Pushing Alberta to split from Canada was number one on the list.

This carbon tax just pits east against west again, but this time the west has the economic power. Dion is trying to kill that with a phoney carbon tax, that doesn't even have carbon reduction targets. It's NEP II!

Be prepared for a fight. PM Harper understands that, his tough stance is the only thing westerners will listen to at this point.

RICH said...

Don't mess around the 'hand that feeds you. Toronto and Quebec may the greater population but WE ARE THE power house that run this country .
You should hear Rutherford this morning, man the minister IRIS EVANS for the stalmach government was livid and angry.
She said that this scheme of Dion's is to take from us albertans to give to eastern canada and will not stand for it. Even David Rutherford was furious, so please Anon 3:17pm. DON'T MESS WITH US.

Anonymous said...

Pushing Alberta to split from Canada was number one on the list.
I'm sure you'll still support the troops when we send them in.

The only problem, is the large network of American sleeper agents living in Alberta will be activated, and the US Army will be "invited" in to quell the unrest.

Face it. Alberta will never be an independent country. And the States will never give you full statehood. You have a choice. You can be a province in this great country, or you can be traitors and become a US territory, something like Guam.

Anonymous said...

Wooooooouuu! Annon at 4:42

Fear mongering, ain't that typical Liberal...

It's the Liberals themselves that have sow the seeds and created divisions in this country to the point where they even had to create (Dion's baby) "The clarity act" in case a Province or Territory decides to split.

Grind a Grit

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure you'll still support the troops when we send them in."
Soldiers, with guns, in Alberta. I'm not making this up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:42

You are 100% wrong! Alberta and I hope Saskatchewan will not tolerate the rape of our economies - We can afford to be independent! Quebec never can! To hell with being robbed to prop up the east yet again. Western Canada is rich and has no need of anything - except maybe immigrant labor from the east. Frankly I don't care if you freeze in the dark - maybe thats not a concern with AGW! Just put the Liberals in power and watch us leave - using Mr. Dion's clarity Act. I just want out! THE SOONER THE BETTER

maryT said...

We already have troops in AB, to take on liberals from Ont. And, yes, Alberta could be an independant country or state. The fact there would be no french spoken or on signs. That alone would be a benefit. Trudeau sent troops to Que so maybe Dion could get the nerve to try it in AB.

maryT said...

anon, 4.42, did you call quebecers traitors when they had their referendums. I doubt it. The difference with Albertans and quebecers is, we will mean it and do it, where Que just threatens.
And, I think the US would take us as a state for no other reason than our oil, (which is mostly owned by US interests) and a land route to Alaska.

Ich bin eine Ezra said...

re anon 4:42's comments

A person living in a US protectorate such as Guam or whatever you cited probably has more rights than a 'citizen' of 'Canada' like myself has.

Don said...

Steven did good with his answers. And if Dion and his Lieberals ever get back in power, I'll load the van and head for Alberta. Hopefully I'll make it there before they close the border. Which I figure will happen about 24 hours after the Lieberals are declared winners by the unbiased people running Elections Canada...

frmgrl said...

Another aspect to this scam that I have not heard anyone talk about is how much will it cost to administer this thing?

Remember the Gun Registry people?

Eskimo said...


We'd love to have you. Just bring a good work ethic along and leave any sense of 'entitlements' back in la la land.

Even with uncertainty it's still VERY busy here. The biggest threat to us would be the return of a Liberal to 24 Sussex. Far greater a threat than a slowing U.S. economy or a rising cost of living.

My folks were hit hard during the NEP and never did recover from it. Mom is fighting cancer and Dad still works at 72 years old to keep things going for them.

Thankfully I've been blessed to be in a very lucrative sector of the economy (engineering/construction) and as they say, I'm making hay while the sun shines. At the same time, I'm minding the store, keeping my debt down and planning long term, but more importantly I'm planning short term for the 'what if' scenario. (read: Liberal invasion of the Alberta 'milk cow' as Dion says). I'm not going to have another Trudeau do to me what happened to my folks.

I remember when the town of Nisku was a ghost town. (Nisku is a large industrial park south of Edmonton made up of welding and fabrication shops and oil industry service companies)

Just yesterday I spoke with a gentleman whose sister and brother-in-law made the move to Alberta from the 'Rock. The two of them work in Fort McMurray and are able to live off thier 'northern living allowance' and are banking almost thier entire paycheques, to the tune of just shy of $20,000. per month. (Yes, per MONTH). Here's the skinny - they work as labourers. Not skilled, no degrees, just a good work ethic. Oh, and that 20 grand....that's AFTER tax.

So load up the Red River cart and we'll wave to you on Highway 63. (Watch out for oncoming traffic and the occasional deer and you'll be fine!)

hunter said...

Eskimo, that's the crunch isn't it? People don't understand why Alberta keeps voting Conservative. I have had people tell me it wasn't so bad, it wasn't NEP that killed our economy, etc. Been there, don't want to ever go there again.

Eskimo said...

The NEP, mortgage rates in the 20's, NO work, suicides, family break ups and that prick Trudeau was doing pieroettes behind the Queen's back.

Dion will only take Alberta from my cold dead hands.

As far as Trudeau goes, I refuse to even show his rotting corpse any respect.

wilson said...

I am an NEP survivor.
My family lost their business, we lost 2/3 of our farm....but we started over, worked hard, and are doing well.


maryT said...

Wilson, get that made into a bumper sticker,
or a T shirt, and wear it everywhere a liberal might try to hide in AB. We also survived the NEP, but my son had to go to Ont to get work as a carpenter. He stayed 2 yrs and come back.
Overnight all farmers and others who had bank loans, taken with a reasonable interest rate and 3 yrs to pay, the rates went up to 20%.
How many have moved to AB in the last few year from the east and maritimes. Ever notice they bring a work ethic, pride of ownership, but leave there voting liberal behind, after the first election.
Never again. That message has got to get out, and we mean it.

Anonymous said...


Wilson, stay out of my country.

The entire nation has to be held hostage to a couple million rednecks?

Whatever. Leave. Don't let the door hit you on the way south.

maryT said...

For too many years the ROC has been held hostage by Quebec. How many people live there. Did you complain about that, I bet not, you just laughed when the rest of us paid and paid and paid and it was never enought. Anon, you get out.

hunter said...

See, this is the problem, west against east again, just when westerners were feeling welcome, Dion splits our country in two again.

Solution: Vote Conservative! Quebec is leaning towards the Conservatives, Ontario is leaning towards the Conservatives (ignoring Toronto), even Danny Williams will have to stop his ABC campaign. Dion has just slammed the last nail into the Liberal parties chances to gain power.

wilson said...

It isn't about the NEP attacking just the West this time, like PMSH said,
Dion is screwing the entire country.

So this time, it's about Canada, not Alberta.

The North is an ocean of resources, with HUGE potential for Canada.
BC has a huge oil and gas sector seldom talked about, and some talk of offshore exploration.
Today Brad Wall said Dion's carbon tax would send Sask back to a have-not province.
Nfld is for the first time ever going to be off the dole.
NS would be devasted with the carbon tax, even the liberal leader there is offside with Dion.
Quebec and Ontario have been getting big manufaturing contracts from Alberta, the new jobs have kept central Canada from a recession.

Good idea MaryT.

jad said...

What's really interesting is that for years the Liberals managed to run this country by pitting Quebec against the ROC, and we had the rise of separatism.

Now we again have the Liberals trying to split the country between the oil provinces in the west and the Quebec/Ontario "heartland". And guess what happens ? Evry time the Liberals come up with one of these NEP-type schemes, separatism rises in Alberta.

Divide and conquer should be the slogan of the Liberal Party.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what sort of Nazi paradise the Republic of Alberta would be, given what I see here.

maryT said...

anon, please explain what you mean
re Nazi paradise.
Bet you can't, just running off at the keyboard.
An independant Alberta would mean no more money for transfer pyms. Think what those millions could do in our Alberta. No illegal refugees conning us. No SSC decisions that are against common sense. We would have free speech, no HRCs. Money saved in transfer pymts for welfare programs in the ROC could be used to buy all Federal assets in Alberta. We would do fine going it alone, but I think SASK and parts of BC would join us. Are you aware that there have been attempts for areas of BC to join Alberta.