Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who Is The Bigger Security Risk?

Funny how the Liberals have been railing against Bernier and calling Couillard a security risk, but nothing is said about Khawaja, now on trial as a suspected terrorist!

Did you know he was on contract with the foreign affairs department in 2004 when he was arrested? I sure didn't!

So, I ask you, who is the bigger security risk? Khawaja or Couillard? The Liberals have asked for a public enquiry into the Couillard affair, not a whisper about suspected terrorist Khawaja working for the foreign affairs department when they were in government.

What is wrong with the foreign affairs department? They have been leaking like a pregnant woman in her ninth month, they hire a suspected terrorist, and they leak emails that impact the US elections, they need to be investigated and the Liberal moles found and fired. The whole department is starting to stink. I know that Conservatives like to give the benefit of the doubt to public servants, but this department is getting out of hand.

Further to Khawaja, he used the Liberal government to help plot mass murder.

OTTAWA - Momin Khawaja secretly used his Department of Foreign Affairs e-mail account to plot the mass murder of hundreds of Britons in the name of radical Islam, court heard on the opening day of the Ottawa man's landmark terror trial.

The plot included possibly unleashing high explosives at London's most popular nightclub, Europe's biggest shopping centre and utilities in and around the British capital in 2004, according to the prosecution.

"Massive destruction and loss of life" would have resulted, Crown attorney David McKercher said in his opening statement.

Massive destruction and loss of life, and this guy worked in foreign affairs? Funny how CTV fails to mention that in this article. They feel free to pillar Bernier over a girlfriend though.

I think the Liberals have their priorities all messed up. They hire suspected terrorists, and that's okay, but a Minister who has a shady girlfriend needs a full public enquiry? Get real! Or, as real as you can with your phony outrage about phony scandals!


Anonymous said...

Excellent point!. Let's bombard the CTV with these very questions. I am writing them right now.... Roger Smith is so anxious to down Harper, but failed to tell that his liberals are hiring suspected terriorts and allowing him to use the Dept. of Foreign Affairs computers. Let's ask why they are not reporting this!!!!

Johnathon said...

That is an excellent post. It's amazing how the CTV doesn't report the truth, but rather the Liberal talking points.

The CTV should be boycotted and emails should be sent immediately to the commie station.

Anonymous said...

Did you know he was on contract with the foreign affairs department in 2004 when he was arrested? I sure didn't!

Oh, big surprise. You don't even know what time of day it is.

jckirlan said...

Anon 5:37 am. Typical idiotic Liberal response. Let's hope the Cdn public see you creeps for the thieves and self absorbed power whores you are and never vote you back in. Now leave cretin.

Alberta Girl said...

Oh, big surprise. You don't even know what time of day it is.

Oh anony - you are seeing the sinking ship of the Liberals and you cannot stand it.

Remember the good old days when the MSM was the only source of news and the Liberal party could rely on them to report the good and hide the bad - remember them fondly, anony; they are now over and bloggers are digging and finding out that the MSM HID alot of liberal crap. It is now coming out.

Why don't you go back to your cave and cry yourself to sleep over how it is all falling apart.

Anonymous said...

Oh anony - you are seeing the sinking ship of the Liberals and you cannot stand it.

Who asked you, you ill-tempered cart-horse?

hunter said...

I see anon has to be creative in name calling without swearing, that must be difficult for a lefty! "ill tempered cart-horse"??

Hey Anon, got anything constructive to add, or do you just like trolling?

I wonder if the arrest of Khawaja was brought up in Question Period in 2004? How did the Liberal government get away with having this guy working on foreign affairs computers?

Rich said...

The reason that the Libs got away with this travesty in 2004 is that the Libs had a majority government and the Conservative Party was divided between Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative. If you notice that the Libs constantly try drive a wedge between former PC and Canadian Alliance; If they are successful, then the Libs can fracture the Conservative vote which would put the Libs back into power with a majority government.

Alberta Girl said...

"Who asked you, you ill-tempered cart-horse?"

Well, Well - that's a new one! Ha Ha

I guess when the anony lefties are left with nothing else to say they resort to the typical name calling. And as Stephen Harper said - when the rats are cornered they come out snarling. Anony must be really feeling cornered.

maryT said...

To it is expected that Minister Emmerson will be sworn in as FA minister. As a former liberal, he must know where the bodies are buried, and look for a sudden exodus of civil servants in that dept.
Nobody expected this govt to last this long, and I think that is the reason PMSH did not do a lot of what he wanted to do. Now with every expectation no election till Oct 2009, watch for several changes and tough actions.
I think every parent has, at one time or another, spanked (not beat, abused,) their child, or were spanked as a child. If Dion brings the govt down over this in the fall, will parents vote for a party that will make them criminals. Seems that is what liberal do, make criminals out of ordinary cdns, first gun owners and smokers, and possibly in the future, parents.
Today a new Court Challenge Program was brought in, it is to be cheaper and better. What else is PMSH ready to cancel or change.