Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jane Taber Stuck On "Progressive"

For Jane, it's all about being "progressive".

Months ago, the provinces got together and most were pushing a "cap and trade" system in Canada, Alberta said NO, we already had one within Alberta, for Alberta, keeping Alberta taxpayers money in Alberta. Well, without Alberta to suck dry, the issue went away, until now. Ontario and Quebec are starting a "cap and trade" system between themselves. I say good, now Ontario can send what money they have left to Quebec. Does McGuinty not understand that Quebec has hydro and Ontario has dirty coal? Jane thinks this is "progressive". I think it is McGuinty being in over his head.

So Ontario will buy credits from Quebec and both "have not" provinces will feel better. According to Jane, this is "progressive". Well, you can take your "progressive" and enjoy! This is Kyoto lite, Canada style. Ontario gives to Quebec, and gets hot air credits in return. Seems regressive not "progressive", but Jane had to refer to her notes so often, I'm pretty sure she has no understanding of the issue. Jane, don't they have a gossip section at the Globe and Mail?

This is a money sucking scheme, except it is Quebec sucking the money from Ontario. No news there.

As an Albertan, I was really ticked off by Jane's, well it's only Alberta brushoff. You sanctimonious latte sipping lefty. Ontario ships it's garbage to the States, Victoria dumps raw sewage into the ocean, but Alberta has the most wind turbines of all provinces combined, and we are forcing oil companies to pay into research development, but Alberta isn't doing enough? Get real. Ontario and Quebec GOOD, Alberta BAD. CTV stuck on dumb, isn't that "progressive"!

Western provinces get together and talk about increasing trade. Ontario and Quebec get together and develop a money transfer scheme.

Jane Taber thinks this is "progressive".


Reid said...

It's the "Jack Headroom" syndrom I talked about last week.

"Tarsands, tarstands, t-t-t-t-t-tarsa-a-a-a-a-ands."

Ontario Power Generation is the single biggest emmitter of GHSs (not that I think that's even a problem). But it's bad Alberta.

And good insight on the Quebec will suck money from Ontario angle. I never even thought about this issue deeply enough to pick up on that re the power generation.

Anonymous said...

Alberta? Who cares?!? You represent a tiny % of this country. Without Ontario and Quebec, there is NO Canada.

I had to laugh at the "sucked dry" part. Alberta was sucking Ontario dry for years.

Once Harper is finished, Alberta can return to it's default position, moaning about how important htey are and how no one takes them seriously.

I'd rather see you go than Quebec.

WCT said...

Turn the Lights Out Alberta ... little Anon at 5:25 needs a time out under the dunce hat.

caz said...

Be careful what you wish for as far as Alberta getting off the conferation bus can stop puffing out your chest've made your deluded little comments and we'll just have to wait and see about who gets turfed out in the next election. lol

Jake said...

anon 5:25 Typical Ontario BIGOT. Doesn't even realize that Alberta can now and in the future and would have done much better in the past without Ontario. Ontario is not the cement that holds Canada together - its the concrete block that's dragging us all under.

Alberta Girl said...

I see the little green envy monster has reared its ugly head - it doesn't look good on you Anony.

Do you have ANY idea the state this country would be in if Alberta left. I don't think you do; or maybe you do and are just stuck in one of the have not provinces being sucked dry by a non-progressive premier.

It is funny though, to read your illiterate comment that without Ont and Que. there would be no Canada. Without Alberta's money, you and your ilk would be in dire straits.

Anonymous said...

Alberta keeps the economy going and many easterners are living right here since mcquinty can't keep businesses in ontario.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Comments:
"Alberta? Who cares?!? You represent a tiny % of this country. Wiout Ontario and Quebec, there is NO Canada."

Please engage your brain before opening your month and try and educate yourself to the Canadian Economy. Right now it is Alberta and the West that is driving the Economy of Canada.

Second: We do not have a provincial tax, we pay a flat 10% income tax and we also have the highest paid Doctors and Nurses in Canada. There are main Eastern Canadians and Maritimers that are presently working in Alberta in Fort MacMurray and in the construction industry in Calgary and Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

Jane Taber like the others are non-entities passee. stuck in Trudeau era.
The more taber and others non entities think that mcguinty screwing ontario and bob rae bankrupting ontario or dion plans to invade pakistan or liberals keeping our money without returning is welcoming news.

Anonymous said...

This is just Ontario setting the rules of the game so that the auto industry can be exempted. Later when Alberta is forced into this swap nonesense if the Liberals get back in, it will be too late to change the rules.

Anonymous said...

Alberta is a cultural vacuum. It's not as though clever planning stuck all that oil under your arses.

Without the tar sands, what do you have? A couple million rednecks and
poor fashion sense.

Look east. Ontario built this country in every way imaginable.

Anonymous said...

Do you have ANY idea the state this country would be in if Alberta left.

We'd have all our troops home, and they would be maintaining martial law in the Alberta Territory.

Alberta Girl said...

"Alberta is a cultural vacuum. It's not as though clever planning stuck all that oil under your arses."

Sigh - the old - "Alberta is only doing well because it has oil" routine.

Anony - google oil reserves in Canada and take a look and you will see that they do not end at Alberta's border.

The reason Alberta is doing soooooo well is because we have a government (and have had for over 35 years) that supports exploration and supports business.

Check out how well Sask is doing since they now have a govt that does the same.

As for you, Anony - you are obviously stuck in a dead end manufacturing job in a province where the premier refuses to admit that his taxation policies are driving it into recession.

We are looking for workers out here, anony and we would be happy to have even you. Try it - you might like it!!

In the meantime, check back and let me know what you found out about oil reserves in Canada.

Alberta Girl said...

In fact anony - below is a site I found that shows all the reserves just waiting under Ontario's paved surfaces. Just waiting for a progressive government to say "go get em boys".

WCT said...

"Look east. Ontario built this country in every way imaginable."

Actually Anony ... look south. T'wer them big bad Americans who discovered "canadian oil" in Leduc (ya know Imperial Oil eh who sponsored hockey night in Canada fer so many years way back on the CBC!!)and yes Turner Valley was discovered way before Leduc!!. And gee willicurs might have been the mighty SunCor who invested in the oil sands with them thar "yankie green backs". Say what do them Ontario made cars run on anyway?

Suggest Anony go back to school and git his learnin' up ta date!!

caz said...

"Look east. Ontario built this country in every way imaginable."

You don't say...well I know of plenty of families and individuals who didn't stop their quest for their dreams at the Ontario ancestry being one of those families. They kept on marching West facing ridiculous challenges and hardship because they were industrious and wanted more. They got more and so did we. Ontario is simply one of the pieces of this magnificent tapestry of a country....certainly not the only one like you so often like to infer. Boring..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has it right. Ontario did build most of this country. Why do you think it's so screwed up? They kept electing these socialist governments that spent us into near bankruptcy, gave us these wonderful HRCs, and set up the hug-a-thug justice system. Of course they did it with western money through such schemes as the Crwsnest rates and the NEP.
But, now that the West has kicked over the traces and is going their own way the Eastern elitists are beside themselves with frustration that they can no longer pull the strings. I saw the light and left the nanny state, socialistic ntario 35 years ago...and it was the best thing I ever did.

Anonymous said...

mcguinty is ruining his province as did Bob Rae,
mcguinty thinks by not reducing taxes to keep businesses in ontario is the way to go. unfortunately, businesses will find a province with least amount of taxes to build their business on.

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

She has a snear on her face? She should get in and have that checked out ASAP.

One question: What's a snear?