Sunday, June 15, 2008

Liberals Being Liberals!

This is about a bill to restrict loans for candidates. The Conservatives, NDP and even the useless Bloq all support it, the Liberals don't, wonder why? HA!

They try to blame everyone but themselves. It's the fault of the Conservatives, George Bush, the NDP, and the dog named Kyoto. They are in a snit because this bill will make it illegal to get money from family and big business, Power Corp comes to mind, in a campaign. Dion and other candidates might have to declare bankrupcy to make their debts go away, unless Elections Canada shows their bias and let's them off the hook. Dare they? I think yes, they are like the HRC's, they have the power and know how to abuse it!

Interesting mention of Belinda, why did she run for the Conservative party leadership? She is and always has been a Liberal, so were they trying to buy their way into the Conservative party, to destroy it? Guess they don't understand Conservatives, we can spot a phoney from miles away. What a bullet we dodged on that one!

The Liberal whining is par for the course, it's just Liberals being Liberals, and loving it!


Alberta Girl said...

And today we read over at National Newswatch; that the Tories are fill in their coffers because they are to combine government business with Tory business.

Yikes!!! How Horrid!!!!

Perhaps we could check into the Liberals background and see how many times they used government trips - not only for Liberal business but for personal and family business too!

Geesh - I really do think the Liberals have a list posted on the calendar as to which scandal will be opened this week and the MSM have a photocopy.

Anonymous said...

Best56 news I have heard in a long time, no more power corp owned PMs.

Reid said...

Guess they don't understand Conservatives, we can spot a phoney from miles away. What a bullet we dodged on that one!

Except in our own Provincial parties. Our PC party is chock full o' liberals yet Greedy Eddie got re-elected with a crushing majority.

Platty said...

Thanks Hunter, it's always fun to watch the Liberals squirm in the HoC.

Anonymous said...

I think they should ban all donations and loans. All financing for elections should come from the government. Then the playing field is truly leveled. Nobody can buy access then.

Anonymous said...

we can spot a phoney from miles away

You can't even spell "Bloc" you drunken fool.

hunter said...

Anon 2:43, such intelligent debate. My little videos must really frost your cake. Name calling, tisk, tisk.

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

Speaking of floor crossing, it strikes me that with his new portfolio, David Emerson still does have the opportunity to become Stephen Harper's worst nightmare.