Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Carbon Tax Day BC!

I'm back, safe and sound in my basement, blogging, after our trip to BC. The buzz there was about the $100 cheques they have been receiving. Are they spending the money? Yes. Are they fooled into thinking this makes the carbon tax okay? NO! Not one single person I talked to thought the carbon tax is a good idea, not one.

Now, you might be thinking, well, she only talked to her family, and that's true, but we are a very diversified family, NDP, Conservative and Liberal, sorry no true green voters, unless you count the under 15's. Not one person, no matter what party they vote for, like the carbon tax, period. The lineups for gas before July first were long and sometimes heated. We waited for 10 minutes to get a pump, and a guy cut us off, thankfully the gas attendant got to that guy before my normally quiet husband got his hands on the guy.

BC is not happy with the carbon tax, no matter how hard the lefty papers are trying to spin it. This will be the litmus test for Dion, and it will fail. When even my Dad, a die hard Liberal, calls the news, "hard left" and biased, you know the game is up for the Liberals in BC.

Most surprising this weekend was my former NDP Uncle, who called PM Harper, "the best PM Canada has ever seen". This is high praise from a former principal of a school in Vancouver. This is what the polls are not showing. My Mom, as a retired accountant, can not understand how the Liberals elected Dion as their leader. She has also stated that she likes "my PM"!

My point? BC might like thinking green, but when it hits their wallets tomorrow, it's going to send lots of federal Conservative votes our way.

Oh, and this poll is very interesting.

Stephane Dion trailed far behind the other leaders, just ahead of Republican presidential nominee John McCain:

Barack Obama: 26 per cent
Stephen Harper: 21 per cent
Hillary Clinton: 16 per cent
Jack Layton: 9 per cent
Gilles Duceppe: 6 per cent
Stephane Dion: 5 per cent
John McCain: 3 per cent

Seeing as Canadians can't vote for Obama, it appears that PM Harper is sitting pretty for the next election. Seriously, Dion polls below all leaders, except McCain? The title is Canadians prefer Obama???? How about Dion is in the tank?? Or, PM Harper would win over Hillary? Or, PM Harper could give Obama serious competition in fight for the White House?? Personally, I think it is a ridiculous fluff piece by lefty CTV.

Now, a 10 hour drive from Kelowna to Edmonton means I'm too tired to download some awesome pictures of the Rockies tonight, including the wildlife we saw, but tomorrow is a whole new day.

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WCT said...

Sorry you had to leave the finally hot BC and race back to lower gas prices. We should hit the magic $1.50 today but "what the hey" I'll walk to the Dominion Day parade wearing my China Mades (hat, Tees, shorts and flops), enjoy an microwave boiled hot dog made with tofu (local of course - no beef)with an American Star Bucks, all paid for with my Campbell Loony (as verses real Klein Bucks).

Welcome home and look forward to the pictures of the Rocks