Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Human Side The MSM Ignores!

We all hear about what a "bully" PM Harper is, the media makes sure to paint him that way. Here is a very good article about Laureen Harper and her run for breast cancer. Wonder if we will see anything about this the media tomorrow?

Pitching a tent with Mrs. Harper
'Team 24' Members

OTTAWA -Gaining access to the inner sanctum of the Prime Minister's residence takes persistence, impeccable connections, or, in my case, extreme klutziness in the pursuit of a noble goal.

That is how I ended up in the family kitchen of 24 Sussex this week after running into a pole during a training walk for a charitable fundraiser with Laureen Harper, who kindly rushed me inside to tend to my (self-inflicted) wounds.

....This morning, Mrs. Harper and the other 12 of us on Team 24 (named after the Prime Ministerial residence) will join more than a thousand people on a two-day, 60-kilo-metre walk around Ottawa for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer Walk. The Prime Minister's wife will camp overnight in a large field along with hundreds of others, make do with the portable washrooms along the route, swap stories and conversations to pass the time, and endure blisters and sore feet for a good cause.

Read the whole article, it gives a nice prospective on Laureen Harper and just how ordinary the Harper family really is, a Tim Horton's family. If the Conservatives want to get the female and family vote, they should show more of the Harper family. Ben going to hockey, Laureen on her bike, their cats, Rachel playing with school buddies, and the family together at some non-official functions. The media wouldn't like that though. They have worked too hard to demonize the Prime Minister, and it just wouldn't do to have a lighter side of the PM shown to us average Canadians. So don't expect to see any coverage of this race tomorrow that shows Lauren or 24 Sussex with the PM waving in support.

The MSM doesn't want to show the "human" side of the PM, they ignore anything that makes him look good to voters. Such petty little people.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it's not likely. Remember when PMSH walked with his son to school just after the election? The MSM screeched like maniacs for days when father and son committed the unpardonable sin of shaking hands.

west coast Teddi said...

YouTube - Rick Mercer's Sleepover with Stephen Harper
A very funny clip from the Rick Mercer Report! Rick Mercer ...
6 min -

Not sure how you get a you-tube into comments but this is about as funny a thing as I can remember

hunter said...

Yes, that's well worth watching again, West Coast Teddi!

Reid said...

The very act of having a camera there to capture the "human" side of the Harpers makes it no longer human. It's unfortunate. It's sort of like how there's nothing real about "reality" tv.

Mrs. Harper is probably the most amazing PM's spouse Canada has had in our time. Compare her to spouses all the way back to P.E.T's time as PM.... none compare.

EBD said...

Maybe it's because I'm Scandinavian, and used to dry wit, but I find Stephen Harper to be very funny -- I liked him on Corner Gas, and I his self-mocking tone in the sleepover bit with Mercer -- "we just want you to be comfortable, that's the most important thing" -- was funny too.

But the MSM have already written the narrative on who he really is -- a dangerous un-Canadian outsider who is out to destroy the country. The country, of course, is the Ottawa /416 / Montreal lib/ media-remora bureaucracy-juggernaut.

BellGlobe's Lawrence Martin wrote a column today in the G&M on the lack of decorum in the house; he chided the Liberals for their all-accusations style, pointing out that it's unnecessary:

"With the style of the Conservatives -- which, indeed, is all about the politics of destruction -- the Liberals are presented with a spectacular opportunity to show a new ethic."

Hnkwaa? Te Conservatives are "all about the politics of destruction"? What does that even mean? That journalists like him are getting knocked off of the buffet gravy train, or...(?)

It's telling that he considers it something so self-evident as to be conventional wisdom that requires no further explanation.

WCT said...

EBD ... your telling observation is bang on. I respect that the opposition's job is to keep the government on it's toes and even offer alternatives. When the CPC were the opposition and then became government, I worried that the CPC members would have great difficulty making the switch - how do you change an attack dog like Monty? The CPC members have made that switch with class and continued humor but the Liberal can't seem to understand their new place on the other side of the isle.

The next fixed election is just over a year away. The PM gave the opposition every opportunity to bring the government down, but they don't want to risk it because the Liberals especially know they will get creamed. The PM's popularity numbers are very solid. Let this minority government be the first to go a full term.

caz said...

In my opinion..there isn't a MORE important quality of our PM than to highlight his auhtentic humaneness. I've seen it many times illustrated but definitely not reported. His performance at one of the roasts I believe sponsored by the press a while back was hilarious and very heart warming. i think we need to encourage Harper to trust a bit more and be himself. He's a real card and not many people are aware of his exquisite sense of humour. I want an election!

maryT said...

Any other spouses doing this walk?

Red Tory said...

What on earth does a puff-piece on Laureen Harper have to do with her husband’s bullying tactics in parliament? She can still be an absolutely terrific person without that diminishing the fact he’s a jerk. And who has anything bad to say about the woman? I hear nothing but good things about her, even from diehard Liberal/NDP partisans. Also, she gets plenty of good press. Why, Mike Duffy was gushing all over her just several days ago. You’re so obsessed with this goofy notion of the nefarious “liberal media” that you’re blinded by the reality that persistently contradicts your kooky conspiracy theory.

caz said...

Red Tory,.. "You’re so obsessed with this goofy notion of the nefarious “liberal media” that you’re blinded by the reality that persistently contradicts your kooky conspiracy theory." ....Sorry, but no obsession here, the "nefarious" Liberal media is alive and well, and no blindness happening at all except in your desire for all Canadians to just behave and realize that you and you alone care for the Canadian people and know what's best for them . Conspiracy theory?? If you have half a brain and read and educate yourself at all.. you'll know right quick that it's more about what ISN'T reported than what is. Many examples of that in the media...from the Wheat Board to global warming and carbon taxes to our lovely JULIE.. the media is repulsively powerful in how it manipulates the masses. Can't wait for that to SOMEHOW happen...but won't hold my breath.

Johnathon said...

Red Tory is a left wing kool-aid drinking nutbar.

The guy is right on in left field.

Anonymous said...

"Here is a very good article about Laureen Harper and her run for breast cancer. Wonder if we will see anything about this the media tomorrow?"

uh, the very article is from the MEDIA itself

Anonymous said...

The problem is the economy is going downhill (not nearly as bad as the States). I already see the prices of food going up.

I almost wish there were an election now. I can't see the Liberals sticking with Dion much longer since their fundraising is going to .....

wilson said...

The poor widdo Liberals, being bullied by the big bad man.

Everytime Libs/msm use the 'bully' language, an image of a geeky scrawny dude that whimpers about a hang nail, comes to mind.

Politics is a blood sport, if you can't take a punch, get out of the game.

hunter said...

Anon 7:45, Will the MSM report on the run tomorrow and show Laureen and her group? Guess I need to spell everything out for some people!

Red Tory, is Liberal LALA Land so boring you have to troll over here? You think Harper is a jerk? HA! Maybe you should look at your leader, because come election time, people will be comparing PM Harper to Dion, and it's not going to be pretty for you Liberals.

Conspiracy theory, like a CBC reporter writing questions for Pablo? Like Fife calling Conservatives "knuckle-draggers"?

Anonymous said...

What kind of "family values" elevate parents who are ignorant, catty twits like you and the rest of you Conservative fishwives?

None that I recognise.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen Mrs Harper in news yet, What Julie should do is go to CBC etc and ask them to run the tape of Mrs. Harper in the race; let those 'STIFF' broadcasters know that we pay for CBC or face the consequences.
Or have this race on U-TUBE;
PHOTOS OF Mr. Mrs Harper and family.

I am positive that when women see the PM and hear his jokes they will form their conclusion and realize that they have been manipulated by the MSM.

The Conservatives have tried to show the prime minister and accomplishments to the public but the MSM rebuff them; mock them redicule them at every turn. NEWMAN PROVED IT.

Ontario Girl said...

Why would the CBC media report on Mrs. Harper, when they don't even show the PMSH when he is on the world stage? I notice we are getting nausia reporting about the US politics though. Newman DID say that Mrs. Harper got ROPED into milking a cow for breast cancer. Once again, giving the impression she was FORCED into something she didn't want to do. YUP...the CBC hidden agenda slant.

Red Tory said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot this was a circle-jerk and any dissent is "trolling"... Never mind. Back to sticking your heads up your backsides. Wankers.