Sunday, June 22, 2008

Liberals Corrupting Democracy!

One of the most dysfunctional Parliamentary committees has been the Ethics committee, chaired by Liberal MP Paul Szabo. This is the committee that went on a witch hunt against Mulroney, and came up empty, even though they actively pimped themselves to Schreiber. Now they are trying to shut up the Conservative MP's on that same committee.

It's one thing to be partisan, but that should not be allowed to corrupt a Parliamentary committee. If Dion was any kind of leader, he would talk to Szabo and straighten him out. That's not going to happen because Dion is clueless, and has no control of his own MP's.

Brought to you by an email from a reader of this blog! Thanks! I had not bothered to watch the Friday edition of QP until my friend alerted me to this very important issue.

Funny I posted about being censored yesterday, and now we find out that Liberals are subverting committee members.

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maryT said...

I wonder how much attention voters pay to their elected MP after the election. Do the voters in Szabo's riding know, or care about any of this. For 2 years he has proved how unfit for the position he holds on the ethics committee. Where is his riding. Are there any local papers in that riding we could flood with letters against him. Maybe it is time to make voters pay attention to what their MP does or says. No city etc likes bad publicity so lets out his riding. My bet is most people there could not name their MP.
You can be sure that if dion is ever PM and puts his shaft plan in place, the backlash on TO will be costly to the city.
Even if he doesn't get his shaft plan in place, TO will still be more hated in the ROC.