Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parents Unite, We Need To Fight!!

Is there any doubt that parents are under attack by our little socialist lefty friends? Lets take a quick look at how they have been busy eroding parental authority.

First up: Court ruling on parental discipline stuns, raises questions of right to raise children

If you deny your children access to TV or withhold their allowance, can they take you to court? And win?

That implausible scenario emerged after a judge in Gatineau sided with a 12-year-old girl who challenged her father after he refused to let her go on a school trip for disobeying his orders to stay off the Internet.

Experts in family law and child welfare say they were dumbfounded by last Friday's ruling by Superior Court Justice Suzanne Tessier.

Okay, so you can't ground your kid for disobeying you. Got it.

Next: Anti-spanking bill passes through Senate

OTTAWA -- A bill that would expose parents to criminal prosecution for spanking their children has cleared the Senate, bound to reopen wounds still sore from a Supreme Court ruling four years ago.

Sponsored by Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, the bill passed final reading in the Senate on Tuesday night.

Approval in the upper house followed debate and three days' of committee hearings at which criminal defence lawyers and the Canadian Bar Association argued against the criminalizing impact it could have on parents, as well as teachers and caregivers.

Okay, you can't spank your kid, check!

Next: No pulling kids from gay-friendly classes, Vancouver parents told

VANCOUVER - The Vancouver board of education says it plans to enforce a ministry policy that prevents parents from pulling students out of classes that deal with alternative sexuality.

A recent staff recommendation from the Vancouver board of education says parents can pull their children out of sensitive lessons in health classes because of religious or family beliefs, but can't opt their children out of gay-friendly lessons in any other classes.

Okay, schools must teach gay-friendly lessons, and your kids are not excused, there will be a test! Got it.

Maybe a Muslim should go to the BCHRC and file a complaint against the province, that would really put the BCHRC in a pickle, who do they pander to, the gay agenda or the Muslim religious beliefs?

So, as parents, we can't spank, ground, or shield our children from "alternative sexuality". When my kids do something wrong, what's left? I bet they would go ballistic if I made them read passages from the Bible, but as far as I can tell, that's still safe, until someone complains to the HRC's.

In the meantime, this little gem seems to be what parents who are feeling unloved can do to feel better:

Residents upset by swingers clubs

Now, residents are upset about a swingers club almost across the road from the strip club, called Menage a Quatre. Mr. Grimes's motion, passed by council, said the club is meant "to allow swingers to engage in multi-partner sexual acts."

Another club in the area, called HERS Night Club, advertises itself on its website as a venue for customers, who pay $5 to $60 admission, "to get away from the hypocrisy and double standards of the outside world and come live out sexual dreams and desires." (It also says on its site that it is moving to a new location.)

Did you know that it is perfectly legal for a 16 year old (thank goodness they raised the age of consent, it used to be legal for 14 year olds!) to go to a swingers club, as long as they don't serve liquor? I wonder if that's why the admission is only $5 for some patrons?

Oh, and how does this one grab you?

Que. police allege baby was victim of porn ring

Provincial police in Quebec allege that an infant was one of the victims in an international online child pornography ring.

"What we know is that most of the victims were of elementary school age and one of them was as young as a baby who was just a few months old," Sgt. Joyce Kemp told The Canadian Press Wednesday.

"They are children who had not yet reached puberty."

At least this it still illegal! Glad they caught those scumbags, may they rot in jail.

BUT, don't you dare ground your 12 year old daughter for posting their pictures on a dating site!!!!

Lefties think swingers clubs, bathhouses, legalized prostitution, and indoctrinating young kids with lessons on "alternative sexuality", is GOOD!

Spanking or grounding your kid, BAD!

Time for parents and grandparents to grab their pens and start protesting.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

When my kids do something wrong, what's left? I bet they would go ballistic if I made them read passages from the Bible, but as far as I can tell, that's still safe, until someone complains to the HRC's.

Actually, that may not be allowed either.

Great post though! You've really summed things up nicely. We may as well just hand the kids to the Nanny State at birth.

Jeff Davidson said...

Lefties think swingers clubs, bathhouses, legalized prostitution, and indoctrinating young kids with lessons on "alternative sexuality", is GOOD!

Let's see if I got it right. Since I don't vote conservative, I am by default, a lefty.

Beyond automatically being a commie,I am now a whore loving bisexual swinger willing to sacrifice my children into bondage as towel boys/girls at a gay bathhouse?

Give your head a shake and quit being so bloody daft.

Jeff Davidson said...

btw, red tory has discovered that the judge in question was a conservative appointee... things that you make you hmmmmmm.

Red Tory said...

Far be it to let those ever-pesky "facts" get in the way of things... Heh.

hunter said...

That's it? That's all you've got? A judge who made a really bad decision was appointed by the Conservatives?

Anonymous said...

I bet they would go ballistic if I made them read passages from the Bible, but as far as I can tell, that's still safe, until someone complains to the HRC's.

If there is indeed any case in this insane imagining, it would be your kids who would hault you off to an HRC.

And I hope they do. I can't believe a raving lunatic like yourself is even allowed to breed.

maryT said...

But,but,but, they are not smoking.
Liberals are against, women and parent's.
What is life like in the home or family if a kid has taken a parent to court and won.
What these kids have to learn is the consequences of such actions. How many kids have been taken by social services or its equivalent and put in foster care because some gal got mad over something and called them.
I remember a story about one mother who called her daughters bluff, when told you can't tell me what to do etc.
Fine, I won't she said. It took about 3 days for the girl to change her mind.
There was no place at the table for meals, and mother said, since ai can't tell you what to eat, you can make your own. No clean clothes, well I can't tell you what to do so how do I know you need clean clothes, I can't go in your room. Mother never called her for phone calls, gee, I can't tell you what to do so I didn't know if you wanted to talk to said person.
I think it was in the Reader's Digest years ago. Should have kept it.
Think of all the things you do for kids, from getting them up for school, thruout the day. Quit doing it all and see how they prefer parents to courts.
Actions have consequences.

Mattt Enss said...

Hunter, what does a single legal decision about one child's grounding (delivered by a Conservative-appointed judge) have to do with "lefties" views on grounding? It tells us about the judge's view, the child's view, and the parent's view, but I don't see what it tells you about anyone else's views on grounding.

Just out of curiosity, do you think that the majority of left-leaning/liberal parents never ground their children?

Cameron Campbell said...

matt and jeff,

Haven't you heard? All lefties are unfit parents...

Anonymous said...

'I remember a story about one mother who called her daughters bluff, when told you can't tell me what to do etc.'

I remember that also, came out at a time when we were having "difficulties" with the oldest son.
The gist was that by law (at the time), a parent was required to provide the basics - clothing, food and a roof over their head.
Followed the law - made it the basics - son was fed (no pizza, just wholesome home-cooked meals), no designer jeans or shoes - all purchased from places like Zellers, and a roof - no Nintendo or television in the bedroom, if he wanted to watch TV, he watched with us (what we chose to watch).
His "threat" of contacting social services disappeared when I called them myself and put him on the line to explain how bad he had it.
It took approximately one month, and his attitude took a major shift.
Don't regret it for a moment, he is now 26, married, fully employed and active in the community. We certainly didn't need a judge mandating how we should discipline our children.

Red Tory said...

Considering that your puerile hysteria seems to pivot around the notion that evil socialist lefties are undermining the rights of parents, it seems rather interesting that your first example isn't really a "lefty" at all, but is a Conservative appointee and former professor at the Police Foundation.

It amazes me how you smear anyone with a differing political opinion, saying that we're all moral degenerates and, in effect, unfit parents. It's vile and utterly reprehensible. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

What a truely myopic thought process.

First off, sex is not bad. Get that through your heads (big and small). Sex was made enjoyable for a reason, and that is so that we go out and make mini-me's. God, if you will, did this to us deliberatly.

Next, this is the 21st century. Darwin has several scientifically proven points, not the least of which is "survival of the fittest". Weak 17th century thinking, is not going to move anyone ahead in the 21st century. Not everyone is gay, and not everyone, regardless of the strength of their religious beliefs is going to wait until marrige to do it... Hell, not everyone is going to get married.

Teaching sex ed is an absolute must. Many parents have proven incompetent in this area, especially consdering the number of baby carriages seen in even Catholic high schools.

Yes, abstinence is the most effective form of birth control. However, educating people as to the other options, in this day and age of STDs that lay dormant for years before signs show, abstinence as the only form of sex ed is criminally insane. Especially considering some of the most deadly STDs are not necessarily transmitted sexually all the time.

Prostitution... Lets see. The current laws of the land make the victims illegal. Not all prostitutes are victims, but those that are, currently can not come forward and seek help, because some douche bag says they are immoral and criminal. Legalize prostitution if you actually care about the women involved. Make it easier for the underage and victims of human smuggling to come forward and seek the protection of the police. Our current system is morally bankrupt, as it is a system were the illegal pimps get to freely victimize the prostitutes, and actually enables child prostitution by forcing that "profession" into the darkness without regulation.

hunter said...

Oh dear, I seem to have hit a sore spot. Did any of you lefties blog about how parental authority is being overrun by judges and HRC's? Do you agree with parents being FORCED to keep their kids in sexual orientation classes? Who knows, but as a parent you should be upset with what is happening.

But, most of you are offended by being called lefties, that's what has your knickers in knots. Well, if you don't agree with the lefty socialists just say so, loudly, on your own blogs.

Anonymous said...

Me, I am a righty. Conservative (though I could do without the Reformers in my party of choice).

For my last point above, this might make sense.

Gun control. I am a gun advocate. I sincerely beleive that we should teach fire arms safety in schools (especially rural schools)... We should keep shooting ranges open in Toronto (are you listening Mayor Miller?). Making guns illgal, and closing firing ranges will not make the problem go a away. In fact, you are victimizing people who until recently have all been law abidng, tax paying, voting citizens. Making guns illegal is foolish.

Making prostitution illegal is foolish for all the same reasons as making guns illegal. It is a highly ineffective way to contol situations where people victimize other people. It does absolutly nothing to protect anyone, and just puts more people in jail.

Anonymous said...


OTTAWA, June 5, 2007 - The Honourable Rob Nicholson, P.C., Q.C., M.P. for Niagara Falls, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today announced the following appointment:

The Honourable Suzanne Tessier, Coordinator and Professor of the Police Foundation Program at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa, is appointed a Puisne Judge of the Superior Court for the Districts of Hull, Labelle and Pontiac, in the Province of Quebec. She replaces Madam Justice J. Trudel ( Hull), who was appointed to the Federal Court of Appeal.

.......there ends your attack leftie argument...enough said.

Anonymous said...

Idiocy is not confined to left or right. The judgement in question, concerning the grounding of a 12 year old girl is truely idiotic, and the "Justice" involved should be reviewed, and possibly removed from the bench to prevent further harm.

Cameron Campbell said...

To be completely clear I would like a yes or no answer to the following question.

Are you going to apologize to everyone who is both a parent and to the left of you for denigrating them as both humans and as parents?

Red Tory said...

It’s difficult to see how it can be considered good parenting to pull a child out of a class that does, as part of its curriculum, acknowledge the fact that there are people who happen not to be heterosexual. Imagine! The horror, the horror! You seem to think that parenting is the absolute right to perpetuate ignorance as a matter of faith. Nobody is “indoctrinating” kids with some nefarious “hidden agenda” or whatever it is you kooks think goes on in these classes. If as a parent you’re concerned about what’s being taught, you certainly have every right to sit in on the class as an observer. Heck, you could even discuss the instruction with the teacher and/or principal afterwards with an informed opinion. That is, unless you’re too embarrassed by the whole notion of talking frankly about sexual intercourse to do so.
Oh, and by the way, you’re 0 for 2 now. “Alpha Male” is no “lefty”… Far from it. Based on past discussions elsewhere, I’d say that most of his opinions and stances on things trend to the right end of the spectrum. Thankfully, not all conservatives are as prudish and discombobulated by sex as you appear to be.

hunter said...

Okay, I am putting everyone on their honour here. I will hopefully check in this evening from Lake Louise, but I can't be sure they will have an internet connection. My family and my perogies are going to Kelowna for my Dad's 80th birthday party!

Please abide by the rule of no swearing. And try to be civil. I don't want to have to close comments everytime I can't be near a computer.

Cameron Campbell said...

So that would be a "no I won't answer your question"?

Enjoy Lake Louise.. it's lovely there.

Harebell said...

you might have a real hard time dealing with legal sexual activity but I find your attempt to conflate the issue of consensual sexual activity with criminal exploitation by the inclusion of the child porn story disingenuous to say the least.
Talk about adding a totally unrelated snippet to try and assign some guilt by association.
You need to grow up.
Consensual sex v Exploitation - these are not the same.
Let's try and keep some honesty in the discussion.

Jen said...

Either we reform the senate to our choosing or ban it completely.
These people were appointed not picked by the people, far less for these idiots who sit in their IVORY TOWER to dictate to us.
Let the senate look after the difficult children. Let's see how far they will get.

Oh by the way Hunter, looking at the the blog quebecois there is an article on Obama and Oil Sands.
Mary T, it will also interest you.

Scruffy Dan said...

Just as it is wrong when lefties make the right out to be nothing more than ignorant ideology driven warm mongers who demand that everyone's world be limited to a strict literal interpretation of the bible it is completely wrong of you to assume that leftists hate families. For the spanking law and the kid (or more accurately her mom) suing the dad for punishing her, pretty much everyone I have talked to (on the right or left) said it was ridiculous. It is even more wrong of you becuase as has been pointed out the judge in the case in question was a Conservative appointed judge. By your own logic that means the Conservatives hate families. Obviously that is not the case as neither liberal or conservatives hate families.

As for the gay-friendly classes, all that really means is gay neutral. The curriculum certainly doesn't encourage that students be gay, it merely teaches that IF you happen to be gay, that is ok. Frankly all sex ed classes should be mandatory, Kids with conservative parents may still have choose to have sex, and if they do the should have reliable knowledge of the subject. The last thing we want is kids to learn (from their parents or school) and abstinence only sex education.

Red Tory said...

Actually, while that case from the Quebec court does sound ridiculous on its face, once you start looking a bit deeper at the circumstances, it's not really all that bizarre.

As for the spanking thing, there's actually a much broader discussion that needs to go along with that. To just characterize it the way Hunter has done here really does a disservice to the aim of the legislation. There's a very good reason that scores of organizations that deal with the welfare of children support it. But that's a something for another day perhaps...

Mattt Enss said...

Hunter, you still haven't answered my question: how does a single court case, decided by a Conservative-appointed judge, demonstrate that "lefties" don't think parent's should be allowed to punish their kids for not doing their homework?

Anonymous said...

Okay, really? Let's stop concentrating on the whole lefty/righty issue. The "lefties" criticize the "righties" just as much as the "righties" judge the "lefties". That's politics. Get over it!
With that issue aside, use common sense on this issue. Both "lefties" and "righties" I've spoken too believe that case was outrageous! You discipline your kid the way you want and I'll discipline my kid the way I want as well.
Jesus (or Allah, or Mohommad, or whoever you worship)! "Leftie" or "rightie" does not correlatie to your parenting skills. Everyone quit making personal attacks and try to have a discussion rather than an argument!