Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Best of QP June 17: A Slaughter!

The Liberals try to take on the Prime Minister on economic issues, and they get slaughtered. No wonder they have been sticking to made up scandals! I called the opposition weak yesterday, but they are like drug dealers, always looking for the next victim.

The test for all of us should be what we do, not just what we say. The Conservatives are passing bills, thanks to the Liberals, that just might change our society so that victims matter.

One of the victims that Liberals like to ignore, are the Jewish people. They give them lip service, to get votes, but when it comes to supporting them, silence. They are too busy like Coderre marching with the Hesbollah.

This is clearly shown in question period by the newly minted Liberal MP, Martha Hall-Findlay, who praises Louise Arbour as a champion of human rights, while ignoring her many slurs against Jews. Funny that Arbour lectured at Osgoode, the same place that gave us such misfits as the sock puppets who have brought Steyn and MacLean's in front of the HRC's. Birds of a feather I guess.

Does Arbour deserve the high praise by the Liberals? Nope, but don't dare call them on it!

In 2006 during a trip to Israel and the occupied territories, Arbour initially refused to meet with the families of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, Eldad Regev, Ehud Goldwasser, and Gilad Shalit, but later changed her mind following a media furor and accusations of bias.

More recently Arbour has been accused of acquiescing in the Ugandan government's "forcible disarmament" campaign against the Karamojong minority, in which rape, torture and mass killing are widely reported.

And this is the Liberals hero? Shame on them. Good for Toews for standing up and stating very clearly what a disaster this woman has been to human rights throughout the world. I agree with Toews, she is a disgusting example of who the Liberals praise.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the rot goes right to the top. "Insane"? This is the response of our Prime Minister?

I thought it was just the BTs that have nothing more than name calling and sneers.

We see more of Harper's true colours every day.


jad said...

I guess the Liberals have decided to break early for summer. Not much sign of the Dream Team these last couple of days, and the best they could put up against the PM were Dosanj and McCallum. I assume the Important Guys were at an undisclosed location trying to fine-tune the Great Green Announcement.

Dion apparently was in Winnipeg, which I think is really pathetic. Parliament is sitting and he is supposed to be there for QP, not out campaigning on the taxpayer's nickel.

The vote on 3rd reading of the bill to ban campaign loans was held yesterday, with the Bloc and the NDP supporting the Government. This was one occasion when Liberals could have stood up and voted with no repercussions, but only 63 of them did, or about 2/3 of the caucus. The rest were as usual AWOL.

Anonymous said...

I recognise Annon at 6:52. He's one of Red Tory's flying monkeys...The one that uses the "Hahahahaha!" laugh track like an unfunny sitcom where you are PROMPTED to laugh. Just like a true Liberal, he needs PROMPTING by his political masters, the brain never switching to automatic, forever stuck on manual.
That's why Dion is telling them that his Carbon tax "Will be good for Canadians" BEFORE the plan is unveiled. PROMPTING the sheeple.

Posted by Grind a Grit.

maryT said...

Lots of talk today re appointments etc, but both Newman and JVD said, they have given up on getting any patronage appointments.
They prefer what they are doing.
Hope you can get that exchange today.

Reid said...
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Reid said...

I hope you caught Jason Kenny today Hunter. He had a good run with "shift happens."

Anonymous said...

Jason Kenny will make a fine Opposition critic. I'm sure he'll do a fine job of holding the Government's feet to the fire.

After all, as you've said the Liberals make a terrible Opposition.

You're right!

Jeff Davidson said...

while ignoring her many slurs against Jews.

so utterly dishonest. i'm not sure if you don't know any better or if your partisanship excludes you from telling the truth.

it is possible to criticize the policies of a particular israeli government during a specific period of time without slurring the jews.

israel, like every other nation on earth, is open to criticism on any number of issues.

Jeff Davidson said...
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Anonymous said...

it is possible to criticize the policies of a particular israeli government during a specific period of time without slurring the jews.
No no no, it isn't! All those Israelis that criticize their own government are self haters and traitors. Traitors I tell ya!

They are such boneheads, the usual gang on this blog. Gotta love 'em!

hunter said...

Funny how lefties are drawn to this blog, like moths to a light!! HA!! Careful, you might climb out of the dark, and end up being a Conservative.