Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Best of QP: Cadman Tapes Tampered With!

So, I take a day off and go golfing, and Cadman makes a reappearance. Seems the tape was tampered with. Didn't the PM warn the Liberals more than once that they would be sorry if they kept up that line of questioning? Didn't he ask them to remove libelous material from their site? Was he forced to sue them for libel because they wouldn't listen? Yup. The chickens are coming home to roost, and no matter how the MSM tries to spin it, the courts will now decide.

Other than Moore's statement, the PM has a few good ones, like telling Canadians Dion is not fit to be PM. It appears the gloves are off, and the government is not going to take it anymore. It's about time.

Without a new "scandal" the Liberals have nothing to foam at the mouth about. They have NO understanding of the economy or they would not be wanting to impose a carbon tax on Canadians. They are busy trying to emulate Europe, as Europeans are rioting against carbon taxes, not fuel prices like the MSM like to pretend. How will a carbon tax benefit auto workers Dion? Or seniors on fixed incomes? Explain that in your policy platform. Once again the Liberals are caught pandering to special interest/immigrant groups, this time it's the eco-nuts, who love biofuels while people starve.

Expect Dion to unannounce, the not yet announced, carbon tax before it is officially announced. HA!!!


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, but the really important issue is, how did your golf game go? ;)

Alberta Girl said...

Of course - all the usual suspects are trying to twist and turn this new evidence around. Quite funny actually.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I share the liberal grief of not currently having a "Shake and Bake" scandal to waste tax payer money with...Maybe I can help:

Could a CTV video clip (So far undoctored) of Lauren Harper milking a cow this week be grounds to accuse the PM of, well, something:
-Spousal abuse?
-Animal abuse?
-Violations of dairy processing laws?
-Did Lauren give any of that unpasteurized milk to the Harper family cats? (Cue in the video editors)

Posted by: Grind a Grit

Anonymous said...

I watched most of Members' Statements and QP live yesterday, and I have to say, Hunter, you got the best parts.

I found that the PM was on fire--he usually answers questions calmly, but yesterday he showed a fire I hadn't seen in a while. I loved it.

Keep it up, Mr. Harper--when you show passion like that for keeping the economy of the country out of the Liberals' grubby hands, it shows Canadians that you're not a robot, as the MSM likes to depict you.


John M Reynolds said...

The CTV 6 pm news yesterday discussed liberals and NDP MPs and did not mention that two experts (one who is from CTV) found the tape to be doctored. They gave the impression that the Conservatives are making unverified accusations.

West Coast Teddi said...

John MR ...not an unusual occurrence for any of the major networks. I quit watching CBC a long time ago, and lately CTV has been off the list. Watched Global the other day and found it to be biased too. So sad

Ontario Girl said...

PMSH better be careful in QP. The next thing we will be hearing is that he is an "ANGRY" man. I see Dion and Minnia or whatever, were on CBC today trying to paint the CPC against women . They have some program they will be going across the country to promote, that CPC are against women but they (LIBERALS) are for women. Guess they figure the aboriginal vote is in the bag and they are moving on.

Anonymous said...

We better do all the blogging as fast as possible. because the NDP wants pollutions reduced by 80% below 1990 levels by 2020.
I better start making my tepee from now.

maryT said...

Can you believe that Dion has just asked for the entire cabinet to be fired. Couldn't that have been done if libs had not sat on their hands last week.