Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nothing To Do? How About A BBQ!

The BBQ season begins for our politicians, can't wait for Dion to come to Edmonton and sell his carbon tax. How do you have a carbonless BBQ? You can't serve beef, methane gas. How about beans, same problem, except human produced gas, not cow produced. Can't use propane or natural gas, guess it will be wood burning fires roasting iceberg lettuce and don't forget the watermelons, perfect for econuts!

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day in Edmonton, perfect for a short drive to a real BBQ. The Edmonton-Leduc Association sent a newsletter out stating that a free BBQ is being held today from 12-2 at the Discovery Well in Devon, intersection of Hwy 60 and Hwy 19. It's all people in the riding, Conservative or not. Seeing as MP James Rajotte will be there, I think I'll take my two growing stomachs out there (saves on our food bill!) and see if I can't pick up some feel for what people are thinking about some of the issues, like HRC's.

Plus, it's FREE food, what Conservative can resist that! Not saying we're cheap, just frugal. HA! Now, out you all go, no sitting inside and wasting a beautiful day!

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hunter said...

It was a very good BBQ, I got to talk to James Rajotte, he was talking to everyone. I still like him and I'm glad I voted for him. He is really low key, and listens to what you say. I can't picture him yelling in QP like McGuinty, or Hedy.

Most people there seemed to be Conservative supporters, hey, it is the rural voters who are the staunchest Conservative supporters. It was very non-political, people just saying hi, and enjoying the food. No speeches, no rah rah, no talk about Ottawa, nothing. Just solid support from solid citizens.

I enjoyed it.