Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Best of QP: Weasel Words!!

Two issues today, the Conservatives hammered the Liberals for using weasel words to disguise a TAX. Second, the Liberals shrilled really, really hard for someone. What Chief is holding the Liberals hostage? What Chief is expecting something for delivering the Aboriginal vote to the Liberals? See what happens when you pander to the special interest groups, you end up owing them, or in other words, you are owned by them.

The Liberals pretend to be concerned about the apology to Aboriginals, but watch as PM Harper finally after a week of questions, names the name, that Liberals didn't want named. So, if the Liberals bow down for this group, what must they do for other special interest groups? Who owns Dion? What group picked up his debt markers?

Most importantly, the Liberals can not stop the media attention PM Harper is going to get from the apology. So who are they counting on to come out with negative comments, who wanted the PM's speech early, and why? Who will the MSM run to for a negative story? We shall see tomorrow, but I suspect the PM has already named the culprit.


Anonymous said...

It's actually "shilling" ("to act on behalf of someone else"), but Dion's voice is squeaky enough that his voice IS "shrill". The LIEberals obviously think that race hustler Fontaine can deliver some votes for them, if and when they decide that the odds are they won't lose even more seats.

maryT said...

Who owns Dion, good question. Same as the one starting to surface in the USA, who owns Obama, who is behind him, who brought him from a man who made a speech in 2004, (chosen at the last minute) to run for state office and then Pres.
Will he get away with it, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

We already know who owns Harper, American oil money.

Ron said...

It is just so typical -- Liberals can never pass up an opportunity to abuse their position to pay off their friends or troll for a vote or two. Even over an issue as sensitive and fundemental as this, they try their best to cause disruption, bad feelings and controversy -- It is actions like this that cause me so much disgust and disrespect for members of that party. For once, could you please just shut up and allow an honest, respectful apology to be made without trying to divide people for political gain?

jad said...

Before we all get too carried away,perhaps we should take a deep breath and consider this comment from chief Fontaine in today's Star :

" Phil Fontaine, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, said today it is important to focus on the apology itself to lay the foundation for progress on other issues.

"It's about Canada maturing as a nation and Canada accepting its responsibility in this terrible experience, this sad, dark chapter in Canadian history," Fontaine said. "If we can't do that, then we'll always be impeded in our efforts to move forwards, so this is really of great significance to the country ...

Today he will leave aside anger and calls to action in favour of letting the apology begin the healing process. "We don't want the message to be lost. The very clear intent here is to deal with this experience, this very sad and tragic experience in the lives of many First Nations people and that should be the focus," he said.

wilson said...

Dion is calling for an advance copy of the apology so CBC has time to put together a negative response that they can air IMMEDIATELY following PMSHs speech.
Can't let PMSH look good, even for a minute!!

This is a good article. Points out how
-Dions Carbon Tax will hurt Alberta & Sask the most, due to small populations and big oil, their carbon tax contributions will be re-distributed to the East, NEP2.
-any province that already has a carbon tax should be exempt; and the remaining provinces could side track the fed tax with a provincial tax and keep the money in their own province,
resulting in:
NO money available for income tax cuts. Dion would NOT be able to redistribute Alberta & Sasks wealth!!!

Ha! Stelmach could put a $.01 tax on oil, and tell Dion to take a hike!!!!!


wilson said...

''We already know who owns Harper, American oil money.''

Heh Anon,
the US buys oil from Canada, big time.
Using your stupidity, that would mean that the US has to suck up to Harper, not the other way around.

Canadian oil is supporting the ROC right now, both in federal revenue contributions and sending jobs to the East.
Carefull what you Lib/Dippers wish for.

maryT said...

I think our premier has put a carbon tax of somekind on our oil and other industries, but he insists that the money will STAY IN ALBERTA.
Canada is the largest supplier of oil to the US, so maybe PMSH owns big oil in the states, not the other way around. Perhaps anon should check history and see how the Ont banks and Bay Street basically told AB to go fly a kite when Turner Valley and then Leduc hit black gold. They refused to invest, so we turned to the US and they come with megatons of money. Liberals were not interested in what a Social Credit govt offered them or asked for. First of a lot of bad decisions of liberals toward Alberta. How many jobs are in Ont due to AB oil fields.
And how many jobs have been lost because of Buzz and his unrelenting push for high wages and benefits.

Ontario Girl said...

The last time I saw Phil Fontaine was on CBC"s Don Newman show , with none other than PAUL MARTIN.

I just hope the Liberals, and the media, can show at least an ounce of respect for today, and not turn their news reports into another smear against the PM and the CPC. The aboriginals have been waiting a very long time for this day.

wilson said...

This it too funny.

Dion vs. Dion
on a carbon tax.
I can see the attack ads no, the two faces of Dion arguing with each other, LOL:

Dion 2006
''This is simply bad policy, for the following reasons:

A carbon tax is almost always implemented as a direct tax on fossil fuels. Given the current price of these fuels, however, it is difficult to argue that a further price signal will dampen consumption or shift demand.

A carbon tax is a flat tax – it costs each polluter a fixed amount per tonne of emissions. Such a tax will not inflate with a bull market or recede in times of difficulty. In the energy market, in particular, soaring prices make anything but a prohibitively high tax a mere nuisance for large producers.

Finally, and most significantly, valuing reductions in emissions equally across all sectors and industries eliminates the potential benefits to be had by maximizing reductions where the cost is lowest. In a carbon market, those areas that produce the least expensive real reductions will experience the highest level of interest and investment, maximizing the level of reductions per dollar spent.

Dion 2008: Canadians are willing to accept carbon tax''

Dan Cook (G&M)

h/t nationalnewswatch.com/

Ah, the price of winning Lizzy May's Greens....a price too high.
Dion is toast.

Anonymous said...

Dion is toast.
Your shrieking will not make it so.

Your twisting of words will not make it so.

The first Dion quote shows he understands the pitfalls of a carbon tax. The second shows Canadians have caught up with his thinking and understand that a "tax shift" as proposed is acceptable.

We hear shrieking about how the European cap and trade is having problems. But your water carriers claim that therefore we should not try any kind of carbon tax or trade system. But then we also hear about the auto industry having problems. Why do you not advocate that therefore we should abandon capitalism? Makes as much sense. Don't learn from others, your people say, instead they prefer to make our own mistakes. But why take more chances, given the rampant stupidity in the Stephen Harper party and Cabinet?

So go with your cartoons and childish bleatings. Please! It just shows how silly, out of touch and bereft of ideas you really are.


Anonymous said...

Why can't the MSM let Harper's sincerity show? It all reminds me of the Toronto Star's coverage of Harper's visit to Auschwitz. Instead of running the beautiful photo of him kneeling in prayer, they ran a picture showing him angry in Parliament which had nothing to do with the story.

They and others went on about how Harper had nothing to say after visiting the death camp, although he had left a message in the visitors book there.

Alberta Girl said...

"Your shrieking will not make it so.

Your twisting of words will not make it so. "

Actually Anony - I think Dion is doing a pretty darn good job of toasting himself!!