Sunday, May 11, 2008

And So, Mother's Weep!

My boys made supper tonight, and rice was part of the meal, it made me think about all the Mother's around the world who must weep because they can not feed their children. After reading all the stories this week about Burma, I am disgusted with the military juntas, and their lack of caring for their own people, as the world waits to help them.

DART waits to enter Burma; death toll passes 28,000

Canadian officials hoped to convince Burma's military rulers to accept humanitarian aid from the Disaster Assistance Response Team on Sunday, as the death toll from a massive cyclone surpassed 28,000.

Members of the Canadian Forces' DART are waiting for approval in neighbouring Thailand. The team can provide clean drinking water and medical assistance to survivors, but Burma's junta has imposed restrictions on who can enter the country.

Wow, that was fast, DART is already in Thailand, good going! The junta's are sad, little, sick, power hungry men, I bet their families aren't living on one cup of rice a day. They care nothing for the people who are needlessly dying. Every Mother (and Father, but this is still Mother's Day)loves her child with her whole heart and soul, to watch them starve to death must be unimaginable.

And so, Mother's weep.

What we need is an organization that can put the incredible power of being a Mother to use against tyrants. Mother's will do everything they can to protect their young, not just human Mom's either, you only have to look to aminals to see the unique bond mother's have with their young.

All Mother weep.

Which brings me to feminist organizations. They are useless, self serving, do nothing but suck money out of taxpayer's frauds. They are too busy yelling about unionized daycare, when they have no children of their own, to advocate FOR women in Afghanistan, Burma, and Africa. They deserve no money from governments. How much would we be able to send to Burma Mom's, if the governments would fund only projects that get results, not those that write reports, and keep latte sipping feminists employed?

And still the Mother's weep.

I know there are many Christian organizations that help people, but we need one for "Mom's helping Mom's", not the bloated Red Cross, or any disfunctional UN organization. If you know of an organization like that, please let me know, I would love to join the fight, so that we can stop....

Mother's from having to weep.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely brutal writing. Not fit for Reader's Digest.

Anonymous said...

Yet anon read it...and apparently laps up all your stuff...makes me wonder.