Monday, May 12, 2008

The Spin Begins....

with Garth Turner. I don't go to his site, but this comment in a Globe and Mail forum shows how the Liberals hope to spin a Carbon tax. My comments are added in the bolded brackets.

B R from Canada writes: Read what Garth Turner says about it.: (Garth who?, or is that you Garth?)
As you also know, I think the Harper government’s blown its chance to help us on both these fronts. The country has no gutsy plan to deal with greenhouse gas emissions (Biggest greenhouse gas, 95% water vapour, solve that one!) or climate change, while federal spending has gone up, the budget surplus has evaporated (Oh, no more goodies for Liberal friends if they ever get back into power), and income taxes are still far, far too high. (Oh, so let's add a carbon tax to income taxes, great idea)

Practically everyone believes we’re on the precipice of an environmental crisis (No, only lefties think this, the rest of us use our common sense), and every piece of news about oil-soaked ducks (Hey, more ducks get killed by hunters in the fall then 500), cyclones in Burma (Naturally occuring climate change, how about that erupting volcano?), arctic ice melting (Not in the Antarctic, it's growing)and polar bears at risk (At risk of what? Starving because there are too many?)just confirms it.

But many folks worry it’s impossible to take real steps to deal with the threat to our climate without threatening the economy even more. (Oh, getting lots of negative e-mails are you, spin away, it's not going to work.)

Except one guy that I work with – Stephane Dion. (HA! Right, priorities, priorities)

The Liberal leader’s working on a plan which will do the right thing for the environment while actually easing the burden on families. It’s bold, unusual and complicated. (Meaning us peons can't understand it, so just believe me!) It will try to tax the things we don’t want (Notice the use of TRY) , like pollution, emissions and waste, while lowering taxes on the things we do want, like earning income, saving and investing. That’s called tax shifting. (That's called, covering your butt because your leader is clueless, or a tax grab, you pick.)

So expect him to call for a price to be put on carbon. That means companies which dump this crap in the air (CO2 is NOT a pollutant, but mercury in those new swirly light bulbs is) – like oil refiners (Don't drive.), power plants (Sit in the dark), smelters (Don't buy anything, like a big screen TV)– will have to pay for doing so. (NO, the polluters pay, and guess who that is? US, the companies won't pay) This will encourage them to find clearer ways of doing business.

The money raised will then be used to fund tax cuts, to corporations (so they have more money to invest and grow) (OH, you Liberals like tax cuts to corporations now? Better tell Dalton that little tidbit) and to individuals (to offset any increased prices caused by the carbon tax). (NO, NO, NO, the individuals are the ones paying ALL the carbon taxes, talk about the price of food for the poorest going up. If you are giving tax cuts to corporations, this is not going to be revenue neutral for taxpayers.)

Some people think such a plan, while probably long overdue (Right we love more taxes) and well constructed (Better spin harder, I'm not buying), is political suicide. (Yes, finally you get something right, it is political suicide)

God's gift to the Conservatives, the tag team of Dion and Garth. "I'm Liberal, and loving it!" Spin on Garth, what ever happened to MPTV?? Liberals shut you down?

My most important question is, will Dion be using a knife and fork to eat his hotdogs on the BBQ tour this summer, inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever read a more poorly written column in my life. I've read quite a few as a grade 9 English teacher!

It is clear that your understanding of the climate change problem is limited to partisan double talk.

Thankfully, most Canadians aren't as gullible as you appear to be.

Hunter, have you ever wondered why all of the scientists who claim that climate change is a myth receive their funding from oil companies?

Come on sweetheart, use your head. You've been duped.

hunter said...

Anon 6:25, if that's what you are teaching your grade 9 students, I pity them! You should be ashamed.

ALL scientists who claim that climate change is a myth recieve funding from oil companies? Talk about gullible! I hope you know that the "bug" scientist Suzuki receives oil company money? Or are you to too lazy and biased to look it up?

You need to read more, as you clearly haven't heard of the articles talking about global cooling for the next 10 years.

Try presenting both sides to your students, let them make up their minds, not you making up their minds for them. Bet you've only showed them Gore's movie, not any other.

I sure hope you are not my sons grade 9 teacher.

Joe said...

Annon 6:25 Have you ever considered why all the 'scientists" who are spreading the myth of global warming are in the pay of big government?

As for gullible I think you must have just fallen off the turnip truck. There is mounting evidence that the temperature of the earth is dropping not rising and that even at its highest 1998 the global temperature was well within the norms of past warm and cool spells.

The mean temperature of the planet Earth has been in constant flux since its creation. Sometimes dinosaurs lived in the artic other times icesheets miles thick covered most of North America.

If you think that Al Gore and David Suzuki are reason enough to tax gasoline, natural gas, coal, and home heating oil then you are the duped one in this debate.

Tired Halton Voter said...

To First Annon poster...

Hi Garth ... Hi Esther... Trolling the blogs I see?

Anonymous said...

"Except one guy that I work with – Stephane Dion."

Does that mean nobody else in the Liberal Party believes in it?