Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lotto 24 Sussex!

I blogged about Mike Holmes coming to the rescue of 24 Sussex, I still think it's a great idea. Next election is Oct 2009, after the Conservatives win a majority, that leaves 4 years to renovate. It also sounds like Mike Holmes might be available after Jan 2009. It would be a great opportunity for regular Canadians to see the house being upgraded. I will never set foot in 24 Sussex, as 98% of Canadians won't, but we could feel part of it if we see the renovations going on in a weekly update from Mike Holmes. Will he do it?

Thanks to commenter Frmgrl, who pointed me to this interview with David Rutherford and Mike, it's worth the listen. Go to May 7 9:00AM and then fast forward to 34:35.

What this boils down to is 30 cents per Canadian to fix a Heritage House that the Prime Minister just happens to live in. Too much you say?

One of Rutherford's guests had an excellent idea....a lottery! Lotto 24 Sussex, tickets $1 or $2 each, for your chance to win a million and get to meet the Prime Minister at the renovated 24 Sussex Drive. Or meet Mike Holmes in person and help with the renovations, I'd love to be flown to Ottawa and see Parliament again.

Think about it, 10 million from taxpayers (.30 each) which many people are already snivelling about, or a lottery where you get a chance to win a million. It's really a win/win idea. If you don't like your tax money going to renovations, no problem, don't buy a ticket.

Lotto 24 Sussex, restore our national treasures!


Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'm in!

Anonymous said...

I hate to pick nits, but 2% of 30 million is 600,000.

600,000 Canadians will set foot in 24 Sussex? :D

*giggles* Just being silly :D I agree, that'd make for a good show (the Holmes bit or the 600,000 Canadians :D)

hunter said...

Okay Lore Weaver, you caught me making percents up, Holmes would pull in over 600,000 viewers so we could hit the million mark with this one. I bet HDTV is salivating to get this one.

Joanne, I'd probably put a twenty down on that lotto!

Anonymous said...

I think having Mike Holmes do the project would be great. It would really be a big boost for his career.
As far as holding a lottery and having the project become an HGTV series would be awesome. It could get the public really involved to contribute and observe the progress being made from week to week all the way to the finish.
HGTV would have great ratings to boot.

Anonymous said...

I like this idea -- and I think nearly everyone would! It's a winner -- now, how to get the ball rolling?

Anonymous said...

It's OK hunter, 87% of statistics are made up on the spot, like this one was:)

Anonymous said...

Holmes is a great idea and as part of the deal, some of the money the show makes can go into fixing up the place.

Spitfire said...

Count me in too!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Mike is called in when some moron has fooked everything up and crap is falling apart everywhere. Maybe he should offer to gut and rebuild the Liberal party instead.

Mike: "Hey Iggy, what's that over there?"
Iggy: "Oh, that's Stephane. He's our leader."
Mike: "WTF? What idiot thought it was a good idea to install him? Ok, he's gotta go. You don't build a bomb shelter with balsa wood. And what's that other thing?"
Iggy: "That's Bob. He's a recent addition."
Mike: "He's gone too. Red is such a tacky colour."

Roy Eappen said...

Lefty John Moore also interviewed Holmes.

hunter said...

Great catch Dr. Roy! Mike admits that he would love to do it!!! Start emailing your MP's people, let's get Mike on it!