Thursday, May 08, 2008

Oh My God, Now It's The Koalas!

Bad enough that the polar bears are increasing in numbers because of CO2, now, we have the cute, cuddly, Koala bears suffering from CO2. This is a disaster.

CO2 pollution threatens koalas, researcher says

CANBERRA — Koalas are threatened by the rising level of carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere because it saps nutrients from the eucalyptus leaves that the animals feed on, a researcher said Wednesday.

Guess seals aren't cute enough, now we have koalas at risk. Hello, CO2 is loved by plants, in return we get oxygen. No CO2, no oxygen, no life. Carbon dioxide "pollution"??? Sicko's want less oxygen. They never mention that plants need CO2, that we need CO2 to be turned into oxygen. They never mention that more CO2 means faster plant growth. Hey, maybe that would help with all the starving masses, it means more food.

The researchers found that carbon dioxide in eucalyptus leaves affects the balance of nutrients and “anti-nutrients” – substances that are either toxic or interfere with the digestion of nutrients.

Right. Now we have "anti-nutrients", which are either toxic or not. Give me a break, I garden, you plant seeds, water, and harvest.

I'm going to start an "anti-nutrient" exchange, so send me your dollars, I will send you a certificate that states that your sins have been forgiven, and your "anti-nutrient" footprint has been reduced.


x2para said...

when someone calls CO2 "pollution" you know you are dealing with a enviro-maniac or someone who has no idea what they are talking (or writing) about

Anonymous said...

It would be too much to expect you people to understand what "balance" means.

hunter said...

Us people understand "balance" just fine, it's the enviro-nuts who have no balance.