Friday, May 23, 2008

James Moore, My New Hero!

James Moore slaughtered both Alexa and Irwin on Mike Duffy today. He really is a different type of politician, principled! He made the two of them look like the unprincipled political hacks they really are. The sparks fly near the end of the clip. It's a one, two, knockout punch. Listen carefully to Alexa's last words on the issue. Disgusting.

So are the NDP going to apologize to Brodie and Wilson, you heard it on the tape, right from Alexa's mouth....DOUBT IT!! The opposition parties have no moral compass, all they know is old fashioned politics, smear, steal and never admit you were wrong. I used to respect Irwin Colter as a Liberal, not anymore, it's really a shame that some of the Liberal MP's are selling their very reputations to get back into power.

The young Conservative MP's are really impressing me. James Moore handled the "Cadman scandal" with honesty and integrity. The RCMP have found no grounds to investigate. The opposition doesn't like that!

The "NAFTAgate scandal" has been investigated by the Privy Council, you can read the report at their site. Both Brodie and Wilson were totally exonerated. The opposition doesn't like that!

Next comes the PM's lawsuit against the Liberal party and the Conservative parties lawsuit against Elections Canada. I predict another 2 wins for the Conservatives.

Most importantly, the Conservatives are doing a great job of governing. (Yes, to you anon Liberal/NDP commenters, this is a highly partisan post. I am a Conservative, and this is my blog!)


Anonymous said...

I think James Moore is my favorite MP. He's right up there with Jason Kenny. He is so classy, principled and mature in the face of childish slander; and I think he really cares defending embattled people like Ian Broadie suffering from damage to their reputations. I think his own experience as a victim of slander (mathyson) (sp?) gives him a great deal of empathy for others suffering character assassination. Moore is a first class gentleman.

Anonymous said...

"both Brodie and Wilson were totally exonerated" I agree that they were, but the Toronto Star's headline is "Probe has concluded that the PM's Chief of Staff played a role".

Reid said...

James Moore did a great job tonight. Definately a rising star.

Anonymous said...

That was insane!!! I could almost see the blood coming from McDonaugh's nose.

That Cotler fellow looked so pathetic slouching in the chair while getting TKO'd, looks like he is just waiting for his pension or something. At least that NDPee lady, I mean women, had some zing.

She tried to filibuster at the end, but Moore stopped her at the gates!

Thanks for that clip.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ruth, don't read the Star. Better for your blood pressure if you don't.

James Moore comes across as honest and sincere. A rising star for sure.

Anonymous said...

I saw James Moore today on MDL. He really is a class act. He's right they should be ashamed of themselves for smearing innocent people. They had it coming in my opinion. Brodie and Wilson do deserve an apology.

hunter said...

The most telling part is at the end when James asks for an apology and Alexis says "Doubt it"!

I didn't catch it the first few times while editing, but it is there.

I thought only the Liberals were arrogant, but Alexis proved her party is not the party of the "little helpless people" they claim to be.

hunter said...

Sorry, that would be Alexa! Hey it's Friday, what can I say. Friday funnies coming up.

Anonymous said...

"Child soldier..." The new left talking points! Hey Commies, ever heard of Hitler-Jugend! Alexa McDumba is so stupid.
Irwin Cotler, getting madder and madder as he is shown to be a dupe and patsy. Hey Irwin what do you think the intention of Khadr is when he is brough back to this country.

Anonymous said...

Nobodies surprised by Alexa's attitude.
What continues to suprise and worries me are Jane Tabor's and Craig Oliver's attitudes and smears!!

Anonymous said...

Mp McDonnough was the same yahoo that whined about the Arar's being innocent and they were victims of a smear campaign by the Media that had no valid evidence against Maher Arar.

How odd that Alexis now grabs the largest brush to smear people based on third-party Allegation , this is why so many people in the USA belive that Elvis is still alive and the Roswell Aliens are kept at Area 51 in a Hanger with all the 9/11 passengers that were part of the genius plan by stupid George Bush to attack America so he can Invade the Middle east to keep the price of OIL at $30.00 a barrel .
This week OIL hit $134.00 a barrel , thank God for Bush because if he didn't go to War our Gas would be $3.00 a Litre .

BTW MS. Donnough, the Arar report never clear him of his Globe-trotting ties to Terrorism , but it did reveal his second Home near the Boston Airport around 2000, and it expose Arar as a draft-Dodger wanted by Syria alone with the fact the Arar rushed to get a weapons permit just after the Montreal Massacre .
Justice O'Connor only stated that the Arar's had not broken any Laws in canada and there was no Valid evidence to show a link to Al-Qaeda or Terror cells.

That is Legalese when making a non-Statement to imply a possible guilt but no valid evidence for a proven Innocent assertion.
Since Alisis is on record attending a pro-Hamas rally with Arar's wife in Ottawa, she should keep her mouth shut because the RCMP and CSIS might want to question her about this Fund-Raiser for Palestinian freedom-Fighters .

hunter said...

Fay, I agree, funny how their segments are never posted on Mike Duffy Live. I'm going to have to catch them live, because CTV appears to want to hide them from exposure, but only after they spew their biased comments. It's like a hit and run.

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight...the dippers belive the PCO (non-partisan by definition, kevin lynch I believe was appointed by the previous government - i could be wrong) are Harper insiders. interesting. at least snoopy sally irene mathysen had the intestinal fortitude to give her lame appology. nothin' from cap'n jack though. no wonder people hold politicians in such low esteem. so not polite

Anonymous said...

Notice last week - Question Period - Jane and Oliver said the PM had nothing but a "Photo Op" with the "Troops" in Halifax, when they announced their 20 year plan.... I live in NS and I will tell you, the Military were not impressed!. This week - their big show on Sunday - so they said on Mike Duffy Live lastnight... will be that PM Harper's is leaving to take "Photo Ops" with World Leaders, so he will be able to show them during the election campaigne!. Now if that is not just plain liberal bias talk, I do not know what is. Maybe it is time Question Period got a couple different hosts, and then, just maybe they could come up with a few meaning examples just how much our PM is doing for Canadians and around the world... That show should be advertised as the "Liberal Show of the Week" and the if it continues as is, the rest of us should "turn it off"!

Anonymous said...

********** no wonder people hold politicians in such low esteem. so not polite********

I hear that a lot these days, and people like to bunch the conservatives with the liberals and dippers on this. We are being scrutinized with a fine tooth comb here, Harper has NO CHOICE to run the tightest and cleanest ship.

The only reason they are upset with Harper for "muzzling" some conservatives or avoiding cameras, is because they want dirt on the party, controversy, etc.

Anonymous said...

Come on. Your cutting is a bad as Moore's grandstanding. He looked like a fool lecturing 2 very respected MP's. Moore was still at his mother's tit when Irwin and Alexa started out.

The latest poll reflects what everyone knows. The CPC has no agenda, no depth, no talent, no way forward out of minority govt.

When someone is as partisan as you, in the end, you just come off as a twit. Nothing more than a mindless groupie.

Moore's another conservative loud mouth. If you rate your rising stars based on how objectionable they are, I suppose he's a real winner.

Anonymous said...

This stuff really, REALLY gets me going. How stupid can they be??

Platty said...

Alexa showing us all how classless she truly is, the only reason this woman is in politics is to collect a cheque. She is an utter and total disgrace.

And Irwin? Just a sad little man in a sad little party....

jad said...

"In addition, PCO invited three CTV News reporters connected with the alleged verbal disclosure to talk to the investigators, but CTV News declined on their

This just says volumes about the role of the media in this. Note, they are not protecting "sources" in this instance, simply a case of CYA.

Both conversations, David Akin with Ian Brodie, and Tom Clark with Michael Wilson, were supposed to be off-the-record, but clearly this was sidestepped, particularly since David Akin shared his conversation with students at Carleton U.

And they wonder why the Conservatives don't like talking to the media ????

caz said...

"The latest poll reflects what everyone knows. The CPC has no agenda, no depth, no talent, no way forward out of minority govt.",my,my how sadly deluded and misinformed you are, cuz frankly to say these things about Harper & his team is clearly reflective of someone who has NO IDEA what the actual truth is. Your own tiny partisan brain just can't acknowledge or digest that the EXACT opposite is true. Most thinking people know this, most emotional morons don't have the mental capacity to look beyond their own nose and their own bigotry. Get educated and quit embarrassing yourself.

Anonymous said...

james moore is no gentleman and he only repeats what Harper tells him to say. Rising star? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

As Wanda from Corner Gas would say, "POW!"

This made my day. Moore will go far.