Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Globe and Mail, Love Ontario Pigs, Hate Alberta Buffalo

Well the Globe is at again, as usual, not a day goes by that they don't find some way to slam Conservatives, and I see that Dion takes his talking points from the Globe in Question Period.

They blow up small issues into HUGE headlines, and hide sensitive articles behind their "firewall". Here's an example.

Ottawa to pay farmers $50-million to slaughter hogsPAUL WALDIE AND JOE FRIESEN

TORONTO and WINNIPEG -- In an unprecedented move, the federal government plans to pay hog farmers up to $50-million in total to slaughter as many as 150,000 breeding swine.Farmers will receive $225 for every hog they kill, so long as they agree to wipe out their entire breeding herd and stay out of the hog business for three years. The government hopes the program will reduce a glut on the market that has helped drive down prices.

Notice how the rest of the article is behind a firewall? Now, read, and feel free to comment on this article:

Alberta to cull bison population

Edmonton — Alberta wildlife officials want to kill nearly half of one of Canada's few remaining wood bison herds.

They say if the Hay-Zama population in northwestern Alberta continues to expand its range, it will become infected with diseased bison in Wood Buffalo National Park and probably have to be destroyed.

Officials say the herd is also creating a road hazard, with several collisions already reported.

The province will issue 300 licences beginning this fall to hunt bison in previously closed areas.

Federal officials say they are working on a plan to decide what to do about the tuberculosis-infected bison in Wood Buffalo.

So, let me get this right, 150,000 pigs get slaughtered and buried, and the pig farmers get 50 million to do this, with people starving around the world, but Alberta wants to issue 300 hunting licences to hunters, and that's a CULL!

Grow up Globe and Mail. Seriously, my work has already switched from the Globe to the National Post, and more will follow unless the Globe starts acting like an adult, not a whiny teenager.

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