Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yikes! My Son The Conservationist!

While helping my youngest son (12) with supper, we were talking about how I start my flowers from seed, and conserve water by having 4 rain barrels to catch the spring runoff, and any rain during the summer. He piped up and said, "Well Mom, I conserve water everyday!" "How", I asked him, and this is what he told me.....

He saves water everyday by wearing the same outfit all week! He figures this saves lots of water, because he only has one set of dirty clothes a week! Can't fault him with that logic. He went on to tell me that one shower a week instead of one a day, saves tons on water. Again, solid logic from him, he is saving water everyday. Also, he saves water, by not brushing his teeth in the morning. What a trooper!

For any Mom's out there, with boys, I bet they have used the same type of logic on you, when they are trying to avoid getting clean. Thankfully, this appears to be a stage they grow out of once they get interested in girls!

Until then, my little conservationist is quite happy, in the same set of clothes all week, until Saturday bath/shower time. You can't say he isn't doing his part for our environment!

Happy Mother's Day!


Enkidu said...

Be sure to give him a thank you hug for doing his part. Feel free to wait until bath day:)

hunter said...

Yah, Enkidu, luckily he's not at the smelly armpit stage yet!

Neo Conservative said...

hunter... thank goodness for posting this one... i was afraid we were the only parents struggling with this deal.

my son, who also just recently turned 12, would rather crawl over broken glass than bathe... and is also apparently unaffected by wearing the same radioactive clothes, whenever he can get away with it, for days at a time.

when we don't like something he's doing, or not doing, we can actually use a shower as a threat.

if puberty solves this issue... i say bring it on.


hunter said...

Neo-Conservative, my oldest boy (14) now volunteers to shower, so we have a morning bathroom traffic problem! Seems you can't win for losing!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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WCT said...

I was having a good laugh and remembering of both my time as a boy and then bringing up my girls (yes it goes both ways for bathing)and then "anon" struck at 5:37am and 5:52am.

Let the "delete button" rule

West Coast Teddi said...

To the "anons", may you have a Happy Mother's Day because you wouldn't be here without one and SHE does know who you are even tho you don't identify yourselves. Back to the bath with you both and this time it will soap in the mouth to wash your dirty words away.

Luv Mom

hunter said...

Sorry about those comments. It appears they can't read. NO SWEARING. Nice, on Mother's Day too, someone wasn't brought up right.

The bar of soap is a good idea West Coast Teddi!