Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spreading Hate To Fight Hate!

Ezra is interviewed by Mike Duffy Live. Here is a video highlighting both Ezra and Mike Duffy, and a disappointing Conservative strategist response.

I am a very staunch Conservative supporter, but I'm starting to get tired of a weak Conservative response to this issue. Where have all the "reformers" gone? This issue is going to blow up in the Conservatives face if they don't stop wimping out. Take a stand, please. At the very least, come out in support of the motion to get rid of section 18 of the HRC's.

This has now gone beyond a "blogger's" issue, and is hitting main street Canada. With Mike Duffy's coverage, this will only get bigger, it is not going to disappear.

I want to see the Conservative government come out of hiding on this issue, take a strong stance, and show Conservatives that they are not Liberal lites or Red Tories. They have all summer to educate the public on this issue, while the Liberals are educating us on why we should love a carbon tax.

Quit being sissies, we all know PM Harper didn't like the direction HRC's were going, so come out, come out, where ever you are, and quit hiding behind being the government, that just doesn't cut it with Canadians.


Anonymous said...

Politically this issue will come down to the "Legal-Intellectual-Complex-Ezra" verses "I can't get an apartment because of my color" and the CPC if they get involved will be on the wrong side of this issue no matter which side they take. Too risky. This is a bomb shell waiting to go off as soon as the PM makes a stand. I really feel we lose on this no matter what.

hunter said...

Politically we are not moving, with one of the weakest Liberal leaders ever, why not?

The MSM is running the agenda, Dion takes his speaking points in QP from them. Pablo asks questions directly from the CBC.

The MSM will not BE on our side no matter what, so at the very least the Conservatives can support Martin's bill, that is fairly non-offensive.

Jeff said...

What are your thoughts on cops posing as drug users to catch drug dealers?

Is it ethical to pose as a john in order to nab a hooker or vice versa?

What about those who pose as kiddie porn junkies to catch the utter scum that deal in it?

Why should racists be exempt from these tactics?

Is racism less despicable than drug dealing, prostitution or kiddie porn?

Anonymous said...

I really hate having to say this but I have too....are you really that slow Jeffy? What the police do and what the Lucy's do is the same? Maybe if the Lucy's were acually the police...check that, I'm sure the police would not get a big payday for being Lucy. I only wish the police could have a 100% conviction rate!

hunter said...

So Jeff, it's okay for cops to break into a private citizens home without a warrant because they want to catch a robber who isn't antwhere near the home? That's what the HRC's did. You can not justify their behaviour by trying to change the channel.

Typical Liberal smoke screen, hide the crime, hide the brown bags, and never, ever, apoligize or admit you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

There should NEVER be any limits placed on free speech as it relates to the discussion on topics such as politics, religion, theories or ideas.

What is it that the left fails to grasp about this stuff.

The laws that give any HRC the power to go after Nazis etc, can ALSO be set forth upon you or any other Canadian on a whim.

You might be happy with the HRC targets now, but could you imagine the outcry if the PM appointed anyone of the Blogging Tories to head the CRHC.

I think Ill give the PM an email and see if the position is going to be open soon.

hunter said...

Ardvark, that would be too funny! Can you imagine the outrage if a Conservative blogger, or any well known Conservative got a post like that?

It would be bigger then when Gwyn Morgan was deleted by the opposition. He would have worked for $1 a year (not like Dingwall who was entitled to his entitlements) but that wasn't good enough for the lefties.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this isn't the Tories sitting back and letting "nature take its course" on the HRC. It is getting exposed and things are falling apart for them. And the Tories don't have to be put front and centre by an opposition out to find anything they can to call "hidden agenda" with the MSM ready to take up the battle cry of "See, we told you all that SH would take away your rights"!!!

I would wonder if they aren't working quietly behind the scenes to expose everything that has come out.

Call me partisan (which I am sure it is obvious I am) but I agree with WCTeddi that this political football is too hot to handle and the jackals are just waiting in the wings for the first Tory to say they are against the HRC.

Anonymous said...

Opps - forgot to put my handle on that Anony post.

Anonymous said...

Harper is playing this issue very well. No matter how bad Dion may be Conservatives have a reputation of being against things like HRCs which are still held in high esteem by many non-political Canadians. The NPC may not follow politics closely but they don't want their safety net torn down.

Harper needs to wait until early into a majority term where he can act quickly and let the furore go away before the next election.

Personally I think Canada faces much bigger issues that threaten our democracy and given the minority situation Harper wouldn't be wise to move on them either.

jad said...

I agree with west coast teddi et al. Can't you imagine the headlines if the Government stepped in :"Harper Government attacks yet another of Canada's institutions, etc.etc."

The RCMP is investigating, just let them get on with it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, politically it would be suicidal for the Harper government to act on this. Sad but true.

Meanwhile, they can point to the RCMP involvement and proclaim that they can't interfere with a police investigation.