Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Can't Just Make Things Up!

Unless you are a Liberal! Well, what a treat, we get Suzuki and McGuinty all in one day! Both are arrogant Liberals, who think the world revolves around them. Don't you dare disagree with them, they know everything, we know nothing.

Suzuki still has Mo Strong as an honourary board member. I wonder if Revenue Canada is still checking into the charitable status of his organization?

Seems regular Canadians are not being fooled anymore:

What's the best policy for reducing carbon emissions?

Regulating industry 80%
Carbon tax 20%

So, Dion, how's that carbon tax going? It's a sure winner, go for it! HA!

McGuinty has no idea what the Dion policy is, but when cornered, he uses the "well you haven't seen it yet excuse". Neither have you obviously. By the way, how is your brother Dalton doing with shutting down those coal generators? Thought so! What big mouth liar's both brothers are, and they are so arrogant they don't even blush when they lie.

I've done more for the environment so far this weekend then any Liberal MP has done in 13 years.

Liberal's never met a tax they didn't love!


Ruth said...

I had to shut Question Period off before Suzuki came on. I just can't stand to listen to his bull any more.
How can he talk about the warming planet when we are sitting here in Ontario with our furnaces still running since last October.

Anonymous said...

William says...

Alot of people are wondering why Dion and the Liberals want to spend billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars on carbon credits from Russia and China.
A carbon tax on Canadians, would allow the Liberals to raise the needed funds.
Liberals claim, its the only way to meet our KYOTO commitments.

Canadians are starting to realise, that this so-called global warming crisis, is a scam to line the pockets of silver spooned socialists like Suzuki and Dion.

An example of bold faced lying by the Liberals on this matter is right here in Ontario for all to see.

Ontarios Mcguinty wants to close our 3 to 5 coal-fired energy plants and spend 70 to 90 billion to replace them with Nuclear plants.
The reason being our emissions are destroying the planet.

Our emissions are destroying the planet...what a joke...

China and India are building 700+ new coal-fired energy plants, and apparently burning coal in China or India does NOT cause global warming, only the burning of coal in Canada does!

We could build, 8-12 state-of-the-art combination coal-fired / energy from waste generating plants, for a fraction of the cost of building Mcguintys nuclear plants, but that would mean, no money to Russia or China and of course no kickbacks for Liberals.

Thank god PM Harper got elected when he did, otherwise that 14 billion the Liberals had stashed away in un-auditable foundations, would be in Russia and China right now, and the kickbacks would be rolling into Liberal coffers, to be used to get re-elected.

Ad-Scam...Kyoto-Scam...Hrc-Scam were all about getting Liberals elected, with STOLEN taxpayers money...

Listen up Dion, Suzuki....
Canadians are saying NO to carbon taxes and a resounding NO to Liberal kickbacks.
We are starting to see through the fog of LIES, regardless of how loud you scream!

caz said...

I agree Ruth..but I had the misfortune of actually listening to Susuki. Yech! This has totally hit the wall for me. How can people be so gullible? oops I forgot...keep the people poor and stupid and the Libs will finally have their power back.... and people eat this up???

West Coast Teddi said...

I am currently reading "Taken by Storm" by Essex & McKitrick which is featured on the side bar at SDA. A very interesting read and the authors ask that the book be read with some thought about the process of global warming and it's scientific implications and how they are arrived at. It takes the "denier" out of the argument because the science is NOT settled.

It definitely counters the Goracle and the Fruit Fly. My so called carbon footprint is less than 1 ton and neither of them can match that I'm sure.

Anonymous said...
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hunter said...

Why do lefties have to swear to try and make their points? It just gets them deleted and makes them look stupid!

West Coast Teddi said...

Thanks Hunter for the "delete". Why is it that a good discussion, with thoughtful comments and analysis from "ordinary blogging Canadians" ends up with personal smears towards an individual or even the collective on the other side of the argument?

Anonymous said...
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Ruth said...

Guess if that's all I had to say, I would be anonymous too. Sure wouldn't want to put a name on comments like that.

hunter said...

Comments like the two I deleted are why many bloggers monitor comments. Too bad one or two ignorant people can mess it up for everyone.

Please consider blogs like being invited into someone's home. I wonder if Anon 7:39 and 12:38, would talk like that if they were at a party in my home.

What part of my one rule, NO SWEARING, do you not understand? This is a family oriented site, and I sure don't want my kids seeing comments like that on this site.

Grow up, swearing just shows your low level of intellectual debate.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

McGuinty and Suzuki at the same time is enough to make you gag. I couldn't even bear to watch the whole show yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I also turned off QP when Suzuki came on. He gives me the dry heaves. If Canadians fall for this revenue neutral carbon tax crap then they deserve what they get.
Does Dion expect me to believe that if my cost of living goes up 30% because of his carbon taxes that he will reduce my taxes by 30%to make me whole? How will that change the behaviour of people? No pain, no gain so I will continue living as I always have. Dion has to make it punitive so people will change their behaviour. Smoke and mirrors. Typical Liberals.