Saturday, May 03, 2008

HRC's Are A Snake Pit.

Who knew the HRC's were such a snake pit? Only those poor souls who have been accused knew how biased they were, and because they were the unknown Canadian no-one cared. The HRC's were flying under the radar. Brenda Martin has received more sympathy than many of the people who were accused by our own HRC's.

Many Conservatives are slamming the government for not acting against these old fashioned witch hunters, and I could agree, they have been too silent about this issue. Maybe with good reason though.

We need to step back and look at it from a different prospective. Any so-con issue immediately gets the opposition up in arms. The HRC's are a perfect example of how the opposition could use this issue as a "hidden agenda" scare tactic.

Human Rights Commission, the name is all that Canadians focus on, it sounds worthwhile, so Canadians support it. That's the problem, Joe Homemaker has no idea about what the HRC's have actually been up to, he hears the name and thinks it's a good idea. So, if the Conservatives had come out slugging against the HRC's, like many Conservative supporters wanted, they would have been crucified. So, we had mainly silence. Look at how the opposition and media have made the "in and out" scheme into a scandal, imagine what they would have done to the Conservatives if they tried to change section 13.

People are starting to clue into what the HRC's are up to. They have been flying under the radar for too long. The eye opening started with Ezra Levant, and his YouTube tapes, it has shone a light into the darkness of the HRC's. But it was only political junkies who knew about the problems Ezra has been having. Then came the National Post, opening up more eyes, then we got Liberal MP Keith Martin, who has been a blessing to the Conservatives, they can now support this Liberal bill without the MSM yapping about "scary" so-cons.

Then next, we get Mike Duffy interviewing Ezra and, on Friday, Steyn, he was very supportive.

Has this hit the average voters yet? No, I don't think so, most people still hear Human Rights and will side with them no matter what, just because of their name, not what they do.

I applaud Kenney for sticking his neck out in a hostile crowd. This issue is growing, as more and more people step forward. It's like the turtle and the hare, slow but steady wins the race.


Unknown said...

Good post, I think it highlights why the Cons have elected to advance their HRC agenda in apparent slow mo. They are waiting for public awareness to build, as you state, and the HRC Commissars and their defenders have proven themselves to be our "Best Friends" in getting the word out;)

hunter said...

Thanks Blazing Cat Fur. We all need to get the word out.

I just asked my non-political husband if he knew what the HRC's have been up to, he said "no". That's your typical voter, the noise hasn't reached them yet, maybe when Steyn goes before the HRC's the public will wake up.

We can only hope and keep on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Canada's HRCs (Hateful Regressive Conspirators) are the most disgusting, dangerous organizations ever foisted on the Canadian public by the left wing social engineering idiots in this country. And the Conservatives, by not cutting them off at the knees, are complicitous in the evil perpetrated by these odious tribunals.
However, the tide is turning against them as more and more people are coming to the realization of just how repressive these thugs really are. Before too long their excesses will lead to their total disbandment or, at the very least, will cause their decisions to be open to court challenges by those people injustly convicted by these kangaroo courts.