Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Best of Question Period, May 7, 2008

This episode is complete with Duceppe going off the roof and diving into a pool of goofy. Red faced, and spitting, he loses control. I'm ashamed that we have such a party in Canada, they are disrespecting all people who are Canadian by pretending they are superior to everyone. I usually call the Liberals arrogant, but the Bloq has them beat by a mile (kilometre).

It almost makes me regret that I spent over $2,000 for my son to go visit Quebec this year. Almost, because he loved Quebec, and he was treated royally by the people of Quebec. Thank you Quebec, you made my sons first adventure away from home one that he will remember all his life. From what he tells me, he stumbled into a deli in Montreal, and had, according to him, the best "sandwich" he had ever had in his life.

I love Quebec for the unique flavour it brings to Canada, and hope they wake up and vote the Bloq out. They threaten to tear our majestic country apart, and can never be anything but opposition. Quebec would be better served by Conservative MP's who can actually make changes.

Clement makes a very important point about how committees are stalling good legislation from passing. Most committees appear to be dysfunctional due to opposition partisan agendas. Sad. They refuse to vote this government down, so they do everything they can to disrupt it. Sneaky little thugs.

You need to watch the last bit, finally Thibault is guilty of Conflict of Interest in the Schreiber affair, duh, you think? He tries to slime his way out of it, but gets called out by David Tilson. Suck it up Thibault, you met with Schrieber numerous times, and had no right to question former PM Mulroney.

All in all, an eye opening Question Period.


Tony said...

Thanks once again for putting this together. I agree that Duceppe completely lost it and was over the top in his remarks, but I feel that he was just performing theatrics to his ever shrinking core group of supporters in Quebec.

Anonymous said...

I try to watch "Question Period" every day and feel the Tories are "tons" ahead of the liberals with their performances. They are never, never given credit for anything in the house by the media... and this is certainly a wonderful site for more people who can not be at home to see Question Period Live, to have the opportunity to see just what goes on.... Credit should be given to people such as you.. exposing just what is taking place in the house, because if we as Tories depended on the media, no one would know anything but the liberal agenda....

Lore_Weaver said...

Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Although I watch QP every chance I get, the time you take to prepare these daily "best of" are cool and VERY appreciated: GOOD WORK AND A GREAT IDEA!

Maybe for greater exposure you could post it as an attachment to the Blogging Tories page: Taylor and Smith are you listening?

Reid said...

Another good job. You're going to have your work cut out for you today. What a gong show.

Although, I had a good chuckle at Van Loan making fun of himself being fat and enjoying his meals that he pays for himself.