Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Poll Going Wrong!

Don't think this is the result the Globe and Mail is looking for, but it works for me! Remember, this is the far left Globe and Mail, so what went wrong? I have been watching the poll on and off all day, the results are staying relatively the same.

Has the Harper government's harder line toward China over the past two years hurt Canada?

Yes 33%
1544 votes

No 67%
3163 votes

I wonder if the results will look the same by tomorrow? Just wondering!


Anonymous said...

the "love in" is scheduled for Monday web confrence...
I see this as "we have resources they want" and "we have an entire world to sell to so why them over europe"?

If we do the ethical thing and look at it as an open world market combined...their money off the backs of enslaving entire parts of their population...there money is more liken'd to blood money then some other markets Canada doesn't try to deal with today in europe...

maryT said...

Also notice the result of Should the senate be reformed. Yes votes way out ahead.

maryT said...

The senate poll is in the Sun, 94+% say yes, PMSH should reform it.

Anonymous said...

Funny how polls matter when the message fits your agenda.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see you post on this poll.

If you were prime minister, would you be thinking about replacing Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier?

Yes 68%
No 32%