Friday, May 09, 2008

Best of QP May 8, 2008

Well, this was a silly session, all smear, no substance. It just shows how desperate the Liberals and Bloq are becoming as their numbers are falling, fast.

Biker babes with nice teats make news, so expect this to go on, and on, and on. I wonder how many MP's would like a light shone on their personal life? Away from home all week, lonely, tempted by young sexy assistants, do the MP's resist temptation or not?

This opens up a door that MP's should have thought of before their stomped all over Bernier, be careful who you accuse, your turn might be next, and your wife might not like it. Bet some young interns have stories to tell now that the door has been opened.

Bernier is single, he can date whoever he likes, how about the married MP's, are they fair game now? Can a MP raise in the House and accuse another MP of cheating on his wife? This could be fun, or it could wreck families, is that what the Liberals want? Can anyone now stand up in the house and smear another MP because they took their assistant out to lunch?

PM Harper was right, Dion and Duceppe are busy buddies. May the two misfits enjoy life in the no go lane.


Ardvark said...

I take it all the Liberals have had their spouses, children, and girl/boy friends (even the married ones), checked out by the RCMP?

Give me a break. Keep it up Liberals, you are killing your support more and more as each day passes.

Anonymous said...

I take it all the Liberals have had their spouses, children, and girl/boy friends (even the married ones), checked out by the RCMP?

Bernier is the minister of foreign affairs. Can you not see how him bonking a person with ties to a major criminal element is a conflict of interest?

If this was a Liberal MP, nevermind a govt minister, the conservatives would be all over it.

You're a bunch of liars and hypocrites. Pathetic.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for all your hard work here, Hunter.

Alberta Girl said...

"Bernier is the minister of foreign affairs. Can you not see how him bonking a person with ties to a major criminal element is a conflict of interest?"

Anony, Anony, Anony.....

First of all - when he "bonked" her, he did not know of her "past". I am quite sure we ALL have some secrets that our spouses/dates do not know about us. When he did find out he quit "bonking" her.

She only "bonked" someone who belonged to "hell's angels", it isn't like she belongs to the group.

Secondly, if this were a Liberal "bonking" the ex girlfriend of a hells angels member; it might be raised, but the story would last a day and be dropped by their friends in the MSM.

Anony, this is the scandal-of-the-week and it is becoming ever so obvious that the Liberals have nothing if they are digging around the bedrooms of the nation to find something to smear the Tories with.

You might check out the CTV poll to see just how this resonates with the Canadian public.

I'll even save you the trip

private 77%
public 23%

And through it all, PM Harper keeps raising above the fray and governing this country while the "busy-body gossips" scratch around whispering in each others ears.

It might do you some good to slip on over to Sandy's blog - I'll even give you the address

to make it easier on you. There you will see that these stupid, inane little pseudo-scandals the Liberals keep dreaming up are not doing what the Libs are hoping for.

Speaking of major criminal elements - how is the RCMP doing with their investigation into Liberals involved in Adscam.

Hypocrites and Liars....hmmmmm pot calls kettle.

Anonymous said...

Bernier's ex apparently also had a price on her head by the Angels...A police informant she might have been...That's what will probably prevent the MSM from pushing it any further: She's not that bad of a girl after all(?)

Anonymous said...

These videos are absolutely great!! - I just wish they could be "plastered" all over the network, or at least somewhere else, where they could be seen by more people. NO ONE CAN SAY THEY ARE NOT TRUE!! - THE FACTS ARE THERE! Tremendous amount of work, but certainly an excellent job.... Also, I wonder what Scott Brison thinks about this "Bernier" affair. I am in his riding in Nova Scotia, and one reason he stated he left the Conservative Party was the Tories were too interested in "Sexual Affairs, that were none of their business".....

Platty said...

You're a bunch of liars and hypocrites. Pathetic.

And there, in a nutshell, is the best arguement the Liberals and their supporters can muster.

The woman has no criminal record. Good enough for ya anon?

Now, how about we publish all of the acquaintances of Liberal MP's who do have a criminal record?

Would you be okay with that?

Anon? Anon?

Where did that Nonny go?


Joe said...

"You're a bunch of liars and hypocrites. Pathetic".

But But But Remember Alfonso of Adscam fame? Wasn't he a Liberal minister of the crown? I seem to remember reading several newspaper accounts of Alfonso being a "made" member of a certain crime syndicate. A little difference between that and someone's EX girlfriend being the FORMER wife of a biker.

So just who is being a hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Google the name Lawrence Metherel and we're off to the races - an allegation of a former Liberal leader having an affair with a male underage prostitute involved in a prostitution ring. Where was the fake Liberal outrage about secruity then? Where is it today?

No Liberal policies, dirt is all that they offer.

Kai Wolf said...

Hunter, this is awesome stuff. I only rarely get to watch QP as it happens and this site catches me up everyday.

Thanks you very much, great job.

Anonymous said...

So now we see. Bernier was over there in Afghanistan checking the opium crops with his moll, ensuring the Hells' heroin would be delivered as scheduled. Some governor in Kandahar wanted a higher price, and Bernier called for him to be rubbed out.

The Taliban, bad as they were, were destroying the poppy fields. That is the real reason you don't want to talk with them. They might spill the beans on who is benefiting from suppressing the Taliban.

Yes, a few girls are going to school there again. But the real news is the heroin business is again back to normal.

Thank you Steve, Peter and Maxime!

Mom sends his best.

Joe said...

Anon 10:38

Oh you are serious?


Anonymous said...

Ahem, anon 10:57. That's anon 10:28 to you. Please do not insult me by calling me anon 10:38

I didn't know heroin makes you laugh, joe. Glad to see you support the Hells though.