Monday, May 05, 2008

Best Of Question Period, May 5, 2008

Most people are too busy to watch Question Period, so here is the short version. It's quite challenging to reduce 45 minutes into 5 or 6 minutes, only the best responses get the spotlight. If you think this is partisan, too bad, do your own version of QP.

My response is found in the subtitles.

H/T to Reid from Right from Alberta.


jckirlan said...

I love when the she-man cow, Dryden gets slammed. What a whinning crybaby he is. What a raging communist.

Fay said...

Excellent post, keep up the good work!
I am enjoying reading about the excessive spending of CBC and hopefully more will be reported. I am also looking forward to information of Wheat Board coming forward. It should be interesting to see what long time Liberals in Manitoba have benefited financially.

Reid said...

Great idea to summarize QP like that. As someone who also grabs a fair bit of video and chops it up I know who much work that all is.

I can't believe Joyce Murray is considered a "star" candidate. She's perhaps one of the most bland politicians in QP day in day out.

I heard a great line but I can't recall where for sure, but it was along the lines of, "500 dead ducks? More ducks than that die every day just on the lunch menu in Toronto's China town."

GrantK1 said...

That was great Hunter....sad but great!

May said...

Do we know what was said to Minister Flaherty's Family?

Reid said...


If you watch QP on the ParlVu archives from Thursday last week (I think it was Thursday but might have been Wednesday) and McCallum "asked a question" ( = accused Flaherty of making budget decisions based on potential personal gain... remember Martin and the taxpayers money to CSL anyone?). During Flaherty's attempt to respond Goodale was heckling Flaherty and Flaherty LOST it. I believe that is the incident being referred to.