Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What A Prime Minister!

Don't let the MSM get you down, don't believe the polls, use the common sense God gave you, and watch this video. The MSM doesn't want you to see the good parts, like 2 real zingers the PM delivered during a question and answer segment.

I enjoyed seeing the PM, relaxed, outside of the poison atmosphere of Ottawa. The reporters asked real questions, that real Canadians, are interested about, not the scandal mongering questions the Parliamentary press ask. Are they still even relevant? Does anyone care about their "hurt feelings"? Not me. I'm fine with local reporters, asking the PM questions.

What a Prime Minister! I am very proud of him, and urge all Conservatives to forget the Liberal based non-scandals, and start highlighting the positives.


Anonymous said...

Obscure strawman cheapshots are zingers? you are a hopeless partisan cheerleader. That sort of vacant thinking is precisely what harper exudes.

Anonymous said...

Harper, the media-hater ( book burner) is a dirtbag of the most democracy-threatening order.

Those who fear the 5th estate, fear the people.
Those who fear the people, fear their bahaviour.

Manuel said...

The above poster is the reason I have lost all faith in the average's when I read comments and silly as that, which make me hope the Liberals win another election so Alberta seperation can get rolling along....B.C can come to....we need sea access afterall.

wilson said...

The anons are just reacting to the latest poll, they know they are doomed to opposition in the next election, so they spew hate.
So sad...(not)

'Dion's approval rating sinks again
Poll finds only 10% approve of performance by Liberal leader''

Jeff Davidson said...

The reporters asked real questions, that real Canadians, are interested about

so the 65 % or so of us who don't vote conservative aren't real canadians?

Platty said...

so the 65 % or so of us who don't vote conservative aren't real canadians?

Those would be the numbers from two years ago Jeff? Hunter is simply stating what we all know will happen in the next election.

That real Canadians will elect a Conservative majority to govern this country.

See? Problem solved, in more ways than one.


wilson said...

And what of the 70% of Canadians that did not vote for the Liberals?
NO ONE voted for Dion in the general election.

PMSH and the Cons are doing a good job.

BC and Alberta have had joint meetings, now Quebec and Ontario.
That was EXACTLY Preston Manning's prescription for national unity.
''A thousand little ties that bind the provinces to each other''

In 2 short years, PMSH has unified Canada, after years of Liberals flaming the fires of Western and Quebec separation.
I believe this to be the #1 accomplishment of the Harper government.
#2 is putting pride back in our military, no more Decade of Darkness. This also raises our international standing, no more blue berets.

Conservatives do need to stand back and look at the big picture, not get caught up in the Liberals dirty little faux scandals of the week. Otherwise the stink of Liberals gets on us.

Liberals are scared.

hunter said...

Good catch Wilson, Dion is at 10%? Or in other words, 1 in 10 people support him? Kind of makes Davidson's comment even more ridiculous than it already was, doesn't it!

WCT voting CPC said...

"Little Jeffy Drive Bye" sure has no concept about how democracy works in Canada. It has been a very long time since the winning party garnered more than 50% of the votes (not seats Jeffy)to win an election. PMs like Mulroney and Trudeau did it, but few and far between.

With the price of gas going up, Jeffy will have to start walk bye smears.
Note to Jeffy - yes I did use the word "bye" correctly!!

wilson said...

It worries me that Dion's numbers are so low. Don't want the little guy booted out, yet.
The poll also has the Libs at 27%, so the 'brand' is tarnishing too, and that is not Dion's doings.

Rae is a non-starter in these economic times.
Iggy would chase all the Dippers away, but Greens would stay,
and that is the best case senario for Cons, Dippers being more of a challenge to the Libs with Greens messing things up for both.

Blue Magic said...

I stayed home yesterday and just happened to catch this. Man Harper is good.

I agree hunter good question ask, and not easy ones. Just good tuff question that a PM should get.

Not the gossip crap from the PPG.

jad said...

The problem with Dion's numbers being so low, is that apparently even a large number of the Liberal core have given up on him.

The Liberal base is supposed to be in the 25 - 30 % range, so if Dion is at 10%, does that mean that 20% of their core supporters will stay home during an election ? That would sure produce a very diffferent result from the current poll numbers.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget - Harper polled at 195 and 10% between April and Sept of 2004.

Doesn't mean a thing.

I hope you didn't wet your pants getting so excited that your God/Harper actually spoke - well, hot dang.


¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

But Platty, if we see another Harper minority, or a glorious win for the Liberals, will it not have been real Canadians who did the voting?

Who, then?

wilson said...

''Don't forget - Harper polled at 195 and 10% between April and Sept of 2004.

Doesn't mean a thing.''

Oh yes it does Lynn.
Difference is PMSH was from the evil Reform/Alliance party.
Dion is from the all powerful natural governing party and was a cabinet minister, hand picked by Mrs. Chretien, and appointed (elected later) by J Chretien! Loved to this day by Andrew Coyne.
Canadians do not want Dion nor his party to run the country.
Greens haven't got a seat in parliament for a reason, and Dion has turned the Liberal party green at the gills.

jad said...

Well you really seem to have struck a nerve here:

"Obscure strawman cheapshots"

"Harper, the media-hater is a dirtbag of the most democracy-threatening order"

"those who fear the 5th estate, fear the people" - woo-oo-oo-oo

I always figure that when the liberal bloggers start tossing adolescent insults around instead of trying to talk semi-sense that you must be on a winner.

You go, girl.

Platty said...

or a glorious win for the Liberals..

I'm sorry, I'm still laughing..Oh stop it, please!!! Funny stuff!!

Anyway, more to the point of your sillyness, there will be a Conservative majority in the next election. There is no need to carry on with any other "what if" scenarios.

Conservative majority.

Have a nice day...