Monday, May 12, 2008

Sometimes You Just Need To Be Uplifted!

Christian Conservative got me thinking with this post of his. He got me thinking about music bands and fame, and drugs and dysfunctional celebrity Mom's, but most importantly he got me thinking about the power music has to change our world. I had heard a commercial on TV, with a group singing a song, but I had never heard it before, so, I went looking, and I found it. Something to calm your soul, it's a good listen. Warning to non-believer's, cover your eyes and ears, remember we are descended from monkeys.

Next post in a few hours, because I want to keep the good vibes of a little bit longer, Question Period, see which video makes you feel better.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs. Too bad you're willing to let it all go to shit and support a govt that has no respect for the planet.

The actual song sucks.

hunter said...

I told you to cover your eyes and ears, but you just couldn't do it could you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good stuff, Hunter.
Anon is evidence of what happens when people worship creation and not the Creator.


hunter said...

Oh yes, the whole evolution issue. I told my Mom we had evolved from apes, she asked me when God gave some people souls and made them human, and left out the rest. I still can't argue against that point. Can you?