Saturday, May 17, 2008

Every Bone and Muscle In My Body Aches!

I've got blisters on my blisters! Why did I think that I had to get the veggie garden, my flower beds, and baskets all planted in one day? I'm not even close to halfway done yet.

I have already told my Hubby to get the wheel barrel ready for tomorrow, because that's the only way I'm going to be capable of getting around. Problem is my Hubby is feeling the pain too. Guess it's up to my snarky 15 year old, and my helpful 12 year old to finish the baskets.

My neighbourhood is great. I have been pawning off my excess cherry tomatoes to everyone who will take one. Judging by the size of my tomato plants, you would be paying $8 at least for them. Even though Edmonton is getting big, our neighbourhood is still friendly, or, it was, until a latte sipping family moved in.

Even before they moved in, they applied and won the right to run a "major landscaping business" out of their home, in the middle of Edmonton, we protested, 10 families showed up, but the lefty council ruled against us. Nice bobcat they have parked in front of their residential home, does wonders for my property value!

Now, they have told the next door neighbour that they must cut down half of their tree, because it's leaves are intruding on their property, and those neighbours have to pay for it! Seeing as these idiots are supposedly running a landscaping business, you would think they would understand how cutting a tree in half might just affect it's growth.

Oh, and they are cementing the 8 foot space between houses, That's attractive! They better slant that ugly cement towards their house and not the neighbours, or I am willing to dig it up and place it on their front doorstep.

A great place to live has been taken over by latte sipping liers. For instance, she says she is an engineer, but she is actually a secretary for an engineering firm. Now, I have nothing against secretaries, they keep businesses moving, but to lie about what you do, is just wrong.

As I creak my way to bed, I notice that the "new" neighbours have done nothing to make their property more attractive, not one flower planted, but, they are experts on what I should do. Idiots!

I am really tempted to put up a sign on my property, pointing to their yard, saying "And these are landscaping experts? Save your money!" Nah, I'm not that petty! Rant over!


Joan Tintor said...

Take a day off tomorrow, it's going to rain, anyway.

And it's only May 17th, fer cryin' out loud. Don't be so hard on yourself (you can guess how good a gardener I am!)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Hunter. About both the uber-gardening and the neighbours. I planted almost everything today. Not a smart move. Because, speaking of moving, I barely can.

But of more concern is my neighbours. On one side I have the CN track and ditch, in which grows a bevy of Canada thistle. Well, guess what shows up within about 6 feet of the fence on my side. Try to get rid of them? Good luck.

And on the other side, I have a neighbour who believes that quackgrass and clover makes a good lawn. And separating our properties are what I call "welfare cedars"--sickly-looking cedar trees that he must have gotten out of the forest somewhere nearby (we're in Winnipeg) because no self-respecting nursery would ever sell those. Oh and he and his kids repair cars in their backyard. Right now there are only 3 but I've seen as many as 7. Woohoo for property values. {/sarc}

Anyhow, like I said, I feel your pain. And thanks for giving me the impetus for the rant. ;)


hunter said...

Joan if I take tomorrow off, I'm really going to be sorry, all those sore muscles will freeze up and cause me even greater pain. Going to get into jacuzzi tub right now. Funny I just looked at myself in the mirror, and I have a dirt mustache Layton would envy!

Johann, yikes! I thought I had bad neighbours, but you have me beat by a long shot! Welfare cedars, that's funny, but I can see them, as a matter of fact, my neighbour had some, but they died, he forgot to water them.

Our area is getting more rental properties, so we get more weeds, of both the human and plant kind.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I hope you'll be posting some pics of your yard at some point, Hunter. I'd love to see what you've done.

It's too cold here to even think about planting anything. (Where's that global warming?)

Anonymous said...

You understand that latté is merely coffee with milk huh? They sell it at Tim's for Pete's sake!
I bet you're the neighbourhood busybody, sticking her nose in everyone else's business. Ring true?
Do your neighbourhood a favour and sell up. You belong in a trailer park anyway.

hunter said...

Anon 6:09, Too funny, I'd laugh, except laughing hurts. Seems you're
an expert on latte's, personally, I've never had one.

I prefer drinking beer, while sitting on my porch taking potshots at gophers with my 22.

Now go stalk somewhere else, I'm busy being eco-friendly.

maryT said...

To all of you out there planting and beautifing your yards. Just know that many of us appreciate the views while driving by. Me, horrible gardener. My daughter who has a horticultural degree says,
Mom, you are the only person I know who can kill a plastic plant.
(putting them in a window with lots of sun will do it, they melt.)

Sandy said...

Enjoyed this thread very much as I could sure identify -- both with the gardening and neighbours and property values.

One of our neighbour's teenaged sons own two ATV's and of course their friends all stop over and leave the mud everywhere.

Then, the oldest just bought a run down rusty 4 x 4 that sounds like a plane taking off every time he drives it.

And, mud doesn't begin to describe it. I am amazed he can even see to do his off-roading.

I must be old fashioned. For the life of me I can't figure out how it is fun to have cold wet mud thrown in your face and in every crease of the clothes you are wearing.

Apart from getting the ground ready for planting, of course.