Thursday, May 22, 2008

PM Harper Is A Conservative Right?

Last time I checked, PM Harper was the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, so, what is the actual Conservative party doing to promote what he is accomplishing with his MP's? I read Sandy's post about a wonderful speech he gave in Southern Ontario yesterday, including pictures. I couldn't be there, so I thought I would watch it on the Conservative party website. Nothing, not even pictures.

Now, if I can work all day, spend family time in the evening, and then late at night do a Youtube video for my blog, what exactly is the Conservative party doing to promote our Prime Minister? I went to the site, and looked in their video vault, it's empty. How can that be? Don't they have an awesome war room all covered in mothballs, with video equipment and everything gathering dust until October 2009?

What would it take for them to hire one video photographer to follow PM Harper around recording his speeches? Why do I have to rely on the biased MSM to provide me with clips of video? Why can't the Conservative party create some Youtube videos that I could watch? If they are doing that, where are they hiding them?

It's not as if the Conservative party is broke, and I'm sure many Conservatives like me would love to see more of PM Harper giving some of his speeches. Are they scared the Liberals might steal some of our ideas? HA!!

I want to see PM Harper getting his picture taken with average Canadians, taking his son to hockey games, instead of having to watch QP and hearing nothing but Liberal made-up scandals.

The Conservative party is so busy defining Dion and the Liberals, they are allowing the biased MSM to define our Prime Minister. It's time for the Conservative party to start showing Canadians candid videos of not only the PM, but the Minister's as well.

How hard can it be to promote the Prime Minister of Canada? What are they scared of? Being called partisan?


Anonymous said...

you do understand that there are no conservatives in canada.

hunter said...

Anon 4:17 Are we talking "pure" Conservatives Or Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives, Red Tories, etc, the list is endless.

wilson said...

Devastating poll for Liberals, and out come the anon snipers...

Curious that the video vault is empty.
(PMSH looks fantastic! in his svelt new image)

Blue Magic said...

Go to the PM website.

And the PM's youtube page.

aek said...


You make an excellent point.

Instead of wasting time putting second rate, tasteless photoshopped images of Dion and Iggy on their website, the leadership at CPC HQ should consider re-tasking their staff to the productive uses you suggest.

Another suggestion for the CPC would be to add more credible content to their website. For example, Sandy has researched an extensive list of the government's accomplishments on her blog, and

CPC HQ should consider doing the same on their website and put their resources to better use.

As it stands, they leave the impression that they're getting fat, arrogant and lazy.

hunter said...

Blue Magic, good links, but why doesn't the Conservative PARTY have those links on their site? All I see is appeals for money! Are they trying to keep our PM a secret??

Lemon said...

I just had an idea. It's obvious that whomever the CPC has doing their communications is a moron. (Sorry thats not an idea it's an observation and a fact).
90% of the bright people I know in the media biz wouldn't touch a Tory with a barge pole, and the other 10% have long hair, occasionally inhale and likely wouldn't be let into a CPC meeting room.
Maybe another unintended consequence of pissing off the big cities. The creative people live in the big cities.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I just had an idea. It's obvious that whomever the CPC has doing their communications is a moron.

I agree. Just think how well Stephen Harper could do with a half-decent communications team? This is their most vulnerable area. Something has to be done.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the address will be posted in the podcast section eventually, there are other Conservative rallies in Montreal, and Guelph already on there. They've also posted rallies that were held in Ottawa, and other places before.

They haven't been as neglectful as you lead on in your post.

hunter said...

Luke, what's a podcast? Is that for people who have cell phones? You see, I don't have a cell phone, or an answering machine, but I do have a computer and e-mail, I guess I haven't progressed far enough yet!

Why not podcasts, Youtubes, and Myspace/facebook, ON the Conservative website for all of us to watch?

Where is it?

Anonymous said...

Hunter, this is the address where you can find most of the PM's speeches, etc. that he's delivered. You just have to click on the link, and it should play for you.

Do you have Quicktime Player? If so, it should play automatically when you click on the link, if not, right click and play it through Windows Media Player, or whichever standard player you use.

Sandy said...

Well said Hunter. Why on earth is all this being left to bloggers for goodness sake? Wednesday night was a good news announcement. I mean there were staff all buzzing around before and after his speech. Surely, someone could send it by computer to the CPC?

All I have is a one-person blog and yet I somehow manage to document and update the accomplishments. All you have is a one-person blog and you managed to put together four videos.

Perhaps once Guy Giorno arrives in Ottawa, things will improve. I live in hope!

As you probably know I worked for an Ontario Harris MPP during the time Giorno was in the Premier's office along with David Lindsay and the other authors of the Common Sense Revolution.

He is the type who likes to have his pulse on everything.

In fact, I ran into my old boss today and he remarked on Giorno's rumoured appointment. This former MPP's words were something to the effect, "ah yes, he's always in the background telling everyone what to do."

What I remember personally is every time I prepared something for media publication for my boss, I had to fax it to Guy for final approval. But, he wouldn't remember me. I was just one EA out of 80.

But, I too would like to know where is the video of Wednesday night's speech?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is being left to bloggers. I've listened to quite few of the Prime Minister's addresses on the government site, and on the Conservative Party website. I left the link in my last post. I think you guys are getting worked up over nothing.