Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your Kids Are Going To Die!

Yes they are, unless you buy carbon credits from Russia and China! You better get with the Dion, save my butt with a carbon tax train, or your children are going to DIE!

Save the seals, save the polar bears, save your children, save the planet, with your tax dollars to econuts, and Dion. I wonder where is the Greenpeace ship? Is that ship flying it's pirate flag and rushing to help the people of Burma? They don't mind breaking Canadian laws to save some seals, so are they doing what pirates do best, break international laws, and provide aid to animals in need? (Yes, we are animals, we just happen to be at the top of the food chain. Well someone had to be, better humans, than the T-Rex.)

Let's see those pictures blazed across our TV screens, let's see those daring greenie weenies breaking through the Burma ship blockade to save, GASP, actual people!

So, where are you Greenpeace? Are humans not in pain, are they not suffering, are they not in need of help? Or is it that the protests against the seal hunt have filled your coffers, and you are too busy partying in the Bahamas?



Anonymous said...

What will die is our economy if Dion ever gets his way. He's so out of touch. Does he not realize that the cost of everything will go up? Individuals whether your earning a six figure salary or trying to make ends meet on a fixed income such as some seniors and those on disability. It would affect everyone.

What about the manufacturing especially the auto industry in Ontario? They're suffering now.

How does the esteemed Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty feel about this tax grab since his brother is part of the Dion caucus trying to discourage driving. His province will feel it the more than others because of the auto industry.

I've noticed even the NDP say it's the wrong thing to do.

Anonymous said...

We are all going to die someday, that is inevitable. Having Dion take more of my money away will not make those remaining years on this earth any damn easier.

It is economic and political suicide because Dion's carbon tax
will be the stake that will finish off Ontario's already struggling economy.