Sunday, May 25, 2008


This article really disgusts me, it shows how low, supposedly humanitarian aid organizations, will stoop to bash this government. So much for donating to any of these organizations. Not one mentioned the 2 million that was immediately given, nor the 12 million since. Nope, all they can whine about is the matching donations.

Strings attached to feds' pledge to match donations

OTTAWA -- The federal government's offer to match Canadian donations to disaster relief efforts in China and Burma turns out to be nowhere near as generous as it initially appeared.

Humanitarian groups have been disappointed to discover the bulk of donations they've received thus far -- in the immediate aftermath of the disasters -- won't be matched at all.

Ingrates! You slimy little ingrates, whining about our taxpayer money not being enough. I want every one of these organizations to explain to me, why only a portion of what is donated to them actually gets to the people who need the help.

For example, American Red Cross CEO, salary $651,957? What's up with that? Yet they have the audacity to claim the Government of Canada isn't giving them enough? That $651,957 would buy a lot of rice to feed the people who are starving in Burma.

Still, humanitarian groups are reluctant to criticize the government's response to the latest disasters, noting Ottawa is providing direct funding to various relief agencies in addition to the matching funds.

Oh, so they are criticizing the government, but not really? This is a stinky smelling lefty statement. Are they saying they will get funding cut off if they protest? Where is the proof? Has the government said, we will not give you anymore money if you protest? NOPE! But that sentence implies exactly that.

However belated or limited, aid groups are hopeful the promise of matching funding will encourage a second wave of donations from Canadians.

Now it's belated and limited? 14 million to Burma, 2 million immediately is belated? Maybe if the junta would open up the country so help could be given, the real people being affected might benefit. Not one mention of the restrictions the junta have imposed, it's all about the Canadian government not doing enough.

Well, I will not let my pocket be picked anymore, these organizations need to get their own houses in order before they start pointing fingers. They can line up behind the CBC crying for more $$$, or behind Dion wanting to tax our air. Show me the results, and I will give you the money, until then, forget it. Remember, it's Conservatives who actually give money, the Liberals are too busy saving the world while sipping latte's in Starbucks. They have never met a good cause they couldn't discuss, endlessly.



Anonymous said...

Great post, I agree in spades. It doesn't matter what the Conservatives do on any file, the response will be two words--Not Enough--

Anonymous said...

Shut it. When Minister Oda breaks her addiction to tax payer funded limo rides, your conservative moaning might be a little less pathetic.

Reid said...

Three years later, the Canadian Red Cross still has over $200 million left unspent from it's $350 million Indonesia tsunami donations (much of which was from the Canadian government).

Perhaps we've learned our lesson and are pledging funds more on an "as needed basis" instead of blowing our wad all at once to make a couple of news paper headlines.

Stay the course I say.

Anonymous said...

Once again the cowardly Liberals/communists hide behind and anonymous mask. 6:15 am your statement is non sequitorial and otherwise makes no sense. Once agian another product of failed Liberal edumacation.

wilson said...

Like Bono did to Martin, these 'hand out' agencies ALWAYS bite the hand that feeds them.
All 'hand out' agencies try to punish, ridicule and trash the efforts of the current government.

Ms Brenda illustrated the 'hand out' mentality well. But in the end, how many people came to her big rally...25?

Canadians know when they have done 'enough'.

maryT said...

People would be shocked if they knew how much of their donations went to administration, salaries, rent and perks instead of to the cause they think it is going to.
I refuse to give one cent to any of them.
Maybe all the whiners should start complaining of the ripoffs by charities instead of big oil.

Anonymous said...

my wife and I both refuse to give to charity anymore...they already get our tax money and we pay way to much of that already!