Monday, May 05, 2008

Globe And Mail, In Full Cry!

They must be in financial trouble, because they are pulling out all the stops with the anti-Conservative attack. Maybe they should check with the Liberals about their fund raising campaign, and follow in their footsteps. HA!!

Here is a sample of today's Globe:

Three NATIONAL stories, all three negative against the Conservatives.
And what do they have as their TOP story?

At least they used a nice picture of PM Harper. Congrats on losing 40 pounds PM Harper, it's very noticeable, and that grey hair just makes you hotter! (Oh, I can say that, it's not like it isn't true, and for those of you who don't bother to read my profile...I AM A FEMALE!, but if males think he's hot, I have no problem with that. HA.)

This is obviously the scandal for this week. What does the Globe do, meet with the Liberals on the weekend, and discuss what they should ask in Question Period? Oh, wait, if memory serves me, isn't one of their reporters married to a top Liberal advisor? Or is that CTV, they are such cannibals it's hard to keep track.

Here is your challenge, find out the last time the Globe and Mail actually printed a favourable story about the federal Conservative government, without any snide words added, without a negative headline. I say federal, because they love Liberal Premier Williams from NL.


Anonymous said...

He is looking great, isn't he!

I think there should be required disclosure from individual journalists, columnists, and pundits, if, or how, they are connected to anyone in politics, or the media.

Then we can assess freely what they say.

Cal said...

Anonomous I agree and I believe that Gloria Galloway is married to a high ranking Lieberal. If I am wrong please correct me and I withdraw my comment.

Cal said...

Anonymous you are right, my understanding is that Gloria Galloway is married to a high ranking Lieberal. I may be wrong and if I am some can correct me!

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper does look great! He's fit to govern as always, and ready to battle!

If you're looking for the least complimentary photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, regularly check out the unofficial Liberal Party of Canada Newsletter, aka The Red Star.

hunter said...

Anon 8:46, I try to avoid the Red Star, thank goodness it's not avialable here in Alberta.

Cal, I'm sure you are right, but I"m too lazy right now to google Gloria and find out her husband's name.

I agree, Anon 7:39, they are not impartial if they are married to a leading Liberal advisor. Reveal it on every article, then people can judge your view.

Anonymous said...

Dear hunter,

The last time I actually purchased a paper copy of The Red Star was in the last century, and that was for fire-starting while backwoods camping in northern Ontario.

However, the internet (including the Blogging Tories) sometimes links to The Official Unofficial Liberal Party of Canada Newsletter.

Whenever I link to such propaganda, I immediately purchase "Disinformation Offset Credits" for mega-profit from Al Gore's evil contrarian twin brother, who shall remain anonymous.

hunter said...

Too funny, Anon 9:52.

"Disinformation Offset Credits".

You might be on to somethng big here, I see the $$$ rolling in, if you combine it with yoga or organic farming.

wilson said...

Will the media cover the real story on shutting down CAIRS?
In 2001 the Libs changed the system, so as they could redflag any trouble before they released the info to the media (Adscam worries) PMSH spoke out against CAIRS back then, as did experts.

Red Alert:Public Access at Risk
Ann Rees

hunter said...

Excellent find Wilson! Well worth the read.

Anonymous said...

Here's an article by a bitchy high school newspaper reporter who's going to the mall to hang out after math class, oh, wait, no, it's Jane Taber's latest bit of evidence that she is an idiot.

jad said...

this piece by Elizabeth Thompson provides some good background on the whole CAIRS system and who exactly used it. Yesterday on MDL, Joel-Denis Bellevance claimed to have made a lot of use of it, and I actually believe him as he is a good investigative journalist. Bob Fife, on the other hand, couldn't even begin to describe what it was. Interestingly enough, on last Friday's "Politics", all of the journalists, including Susan Delacourt claimed never to have used it themselves, all though that clearly was no justification in their minds for closing it down.