Thursday, May 29, 2008

NDP Snoops!

We all remember Irene Mathyssen accusing James Moore of "scantily clad women" on his laptop, she is a good 3 rows up from him in the House, but she saw what she saw!

Now, we get Dawn Black, sitting two seats from Bernier, on a plane, reading a page from a brief in a seat pocket. Hope she got eye strain!

Now, am I correct in understanding that she just revealed what was written on a private brief to everyone listening to Mike Duffy Live? Then she laughs, stating that's all she could see? Dawn Black joins her sister in snoops, Irene. Why didn't she just tap him on the shoulder and tell him she could read "A PAGE" of the brief?? Nope, the snoop obviously spent all flight memorizing what she could read, or did she write it down?

NDP snoops, don't let them near government or they will be spouting off all of the "secret" documents they can get their hands on. NDP snoops, and Liberal "secret sources", no wonder the Conservative government is not open with the press, they don't have to be, the opposition leaks everything they can to the MSM. Or the MSM leaks everything to the opposition parties, seems to work both ways.


WCT said...

What the Hell are the NDP doing flying business class? Dawn should have been at the back of economy coach next to the washroom.

Sad to say but she is from Vancouver Island. Now I am really embarrassed.

hunter said...

Too bad, I love Vancouver Island, but it seems to attract all the hippy types, must be the mild winters.

I think we sent most of them from Alberta, Ralph paid their bus fare!

Sorry WCT, we just didn't want them to freeze to death here in minus 40 weather. You can send them back if you want. But not Dawn Black, she's yours to keep!

Jim Pook said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but as a resident of Vancouver Island, (Tahsis), I can inform you that Dawn Black is the MP for New Westminster-Coquitlam.

But she is still an leftwing moonbat.

hunter said...

Okay, just keep her in BC will you? BC has already sent us the pine beetle, that's enough love from you people.

greyburr said...

It is a rule in our home that when dipper friends are our guests that all medicine cabinets and underwear drawers are locked.Drives them crazy!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Conservative supporter by any means, but I have to agree with you folks here - she said she read it as far as she could?

If she cared about the security of Canada instead of being nosy - why wouldn't she tap Bernier on the shoulder advising him that it could be seen? And, why was she reading over someone's shoulder?

Were the NDP planning to save this for an attack on the CPC ?

This isn't about political stripes here - it's about honesty, integrity and Canada's security - she's just a guilty as Bernier - because she didn't advise him that it could be seen. She has absolutely no right to criticize - she's just as guilty.

Anonymous said...

Greyburr - your comments about the underwear drawer, etc. reminded me about a girlfriend I had used to put notes in drawers - like, "what are you looking in here for" or "mind your own business" and "you've been caught on tape".

She did this when a certain very nosy person (an aunt of hers) would visit as she found that her things had been tampered with on a visit from this aunt.

The aunt came out of one of the rooms looking red-faced and befuddled.

Anon: 6:17

WCT said...

Oops ... was thinking of Jean Crowder from up Island. I promise to be more careful in the future. It must be my new glasses ... I can't see across the aisle or computer screens of less than 21 inches.

jad said...

I guess I must be missing something here, but I am scratching my head to understand why exposing instructions to Bernier to thank Condoleeza Rice are particularly threatening to Canada's safety.

It sounds to me like Bernier had taken a bunch of non-threatening stuff to read on the plane - probably to avoid having to talk to Ms. Black.