Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurry, Hurry Hard, Dion!

Hurry to get those carbon taxes implemented before the whole scam falls apart! Polar bears are dying, climate is changing, volcanos are erupting, sunspots are disappearing, we need to tax it ALL! Tax all that bad stuff, or we will all die! Or maybe not......

The first of four parts where Professor Bob Carter uses the scientific method on the popular theory with global warming being linked to CO2 levels. He examnines the hypothesis and it fails the test. Inconvenient Truth author Al Gore would find his presentation contradicted by this presentation? Will kyoto`s greenhouse reduction goals be in vain?

Interesting presentation, click the Youtube logo on the video to find parts 2 to 4, well worth watching. He destroys all the "talking points" the UN IPCC and environmentalists use.

More and more actual scientists are coming out to debunk the "global warming" myth. That is why you see more environmentalists getting shriller and shriller, they understand their days of milking the public are over.

Does Dion understand this? Doubtful, the guy is a sociologist pretending to be an environmentalist, like Suzuki. He did nothing about the environment when the Liberals had majorities, now he expects us to believe things will be different?

Thank God the Conservatives are in power, or we would be sending our "mega" bucks to Russia and China to meet Mo Strong's Kyoto targets.

Hurry, hurry hard, Dion, the days of a carbon tax are rapidly disappearing. Sell it now, or never.

H/T to JR from Just Right for leading me to the right site!


Anonymous said...

Dion, the days of a carbon tax are rapidly disappearing.

Actually, they're just beginning. In fact, some European countries are considering imposing a tariff on imports from this country due to Harper's non-Kyoto compliance.

“There is almost universal agreement that significant carbon dioxide increases – human caused or otherwise – will cause gentle* planetary warming.” - Bob Carter

jckirlan said...

Impose a tariff on Canadian products?! Good! We have the oil and the US has the argiland, the perfect blend. Let's tax the heck out of all warmongering eurotrash products; cars, cloths, wine, food, etc. Let the Europeans live in the Muslim eutopia. They've made their bed now lie in it! I say fortress North Americaif they want to influence our polotics.

hunter said...

Jckirlan, I agree that North America could close it's borders and survive perfectly well. Tariffs only hurt consumers, and are just another name for a tax.

Anon 7:32, it's Harper's non-Kyoto compliance? It was the do nothing Liberals that raised our emissions by 36%. Harper knew Kyoto was a money sucking scheme from day one.

I would prefer for the billions going to the environment to go to health care instead, at least we would be helping Canadians who need care as opposed to helping Russia or China governments fill their coffers.

Reid said...

This fits in nicely with my latest blog post on the price of gas in Europe. They already pay double what Americans pay (we're way closer to the American price than the European price). Imagine the cost of living in Europe if they start imposing tarriffs on the goods they need. Oh well, I guess they'll just buy Chinese goods and continue to let them be the new #1 producer of the GHGs they hate so much. But China is going to buy our oil & coal. So screw you Euroweenies.

Surecure said...

Who is this Anonymous guy, Michael Moore? He's certainly using Moore's technique.

"In summary, there is almost universal agreement that significant carbon dioxide increases - human-caused or otherwise - will cause gentle planetary warming. But scientific opinion remains strongly divided as to how great a warming would accompany a real world doubling, and whether any such warming would on balance be beneficial or harmful." - Bob Carter

Nice try. Wanna play Double Jeopardy, where the stakes really get high?

hunter said...

Sitting inside on a cold rainy day, watching my plants shivering outside, I think a little heat might help germination, but those pesty clouds are keeping the sun from shining down and warming those plants and soil up.

Given a choice? Bring on the warmth! Spare me the "Kyoto" is god, bow down to Gore/Suzuki religion. I do more FOR the environment than those two weenies. Maybe if they started listening to the people, instead of preaching to us, we might listen.