Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Calling Mike Holmes!!

This should be a no-brainer, but don't count on it!

PM's residence needs $10 million in repairs

The prime minister and his family may have to pack up and find a new temporary home if they heed the advice of Canada's auditor general.

A report released by Sheila Fraser on Tuesday states that "24 Sussex Drive (is) showing signs of fatigue and wear, and (requires) extensive repair work."

The repairs are estimated to cost about $10 million, and the report notes that "prolonged access to 24 Sussex Drive will be required for rehabilitation of the residence." That would require the prime minister and his family to move out for up to 15 months.

On CTV's Mike Duffy Live, Fraser listed off a number of repairs that need to be made. She said:

The windows are extremely old
There is a lot of asbestos in the house
The residence does not have a sprinkler system
"The list goes on and on," Fraser said.

Okay, so just do it!! Well, not so fast according to this CTV poll:

The auditor general says 24 Sussex needs $10M-worth of renovations. What should the PM do?

Listen, it's worth it 1104 votes (56 %)
Ignore, stay frugal 885 votes (44 %)

Total Votes: 1989

I just want to know why 44% of Canadians don't want to protect our heritage? Have they no pride in Canada's history?

Let's send in Mike Holmes, we can get the real honest truth from him. It would also be fun to watch his show and see the repairs being done. It's a win/win for Holmes and Canadians.


Jim Pook said...

I would love to see that!

Mike Holmes could do an entire season on the 24 Sussex reno.

And best of all, we would know that it was done right for the right price.

Or, we could turn it over to a bunch of federal government union lackeys who were hired by the Liberals.

Choose one...

Reid said...

It does need work. Both 24 Sussex and Stornaway should be kept in tip top condition. It's a matter of national pride and partisaned politics have nothing to do with it.

There was a good point made on MDL regarding this in that a private, non-partisan 3rd party should be contracted to evaluate and manage this work outside of the NCC. I can't remember if it was Duff or Weston who mentioned the rule of 10/10 when it comes to the NCC. It takes 10 times longer and 10 times to budget to get anything done under the NCC.

Funny how the Liberals are goading the PM to do it and he's resisting. I think there's symbolism in the motivation.

1. They want to make it like the PM is wasting money "decorating."

2. They will have gotten the PM out of 24 Sussex. That symbolism is huge going into an election.

Anonymous said...

Mike Holmes is a great choice.And all the while the repairs are going on,Pm Harper could still live in the house.Repair one area at a time.No need to move out.Does anyone else move out of their home when repairs are being done??Do they close down the Chateau Laurier when they put on a new roof or sand blast the exterior stone.No they dont,so lets just bring in Holmes and get it done.


Joe said...

Mike was asked to do the work a few years ago and turned it down!

frmgrl said...

Mike Holmes was on the Dave Rutherford show this morning. He said it could be done and would be well worth it. He didn't say he wouldn't do it.
He more or less said that he could do it but he's busy till January in New Orleans and Africa.

I would think it would take at least until then anyway to get everything organized to begin to do the job.

If interested you can listen to the archives at http://www.qr77.com/StationShared/Audiovault.aspx
Go to May 7, 9:30 AM

hunter said...

Excellent Frmgrl, it deserves it's own post.